My House Is Too Small. I Got Super Spies!

We get all the kids in bed and pjdaddy and I are in the living room and he says to me, “Did you hear about that sea monster that washed up to shore?”

Yeah, I saw that. I think it’s a bunch of crap.

Graham calls out from his room, “What? A monster?”

*pjdaddy and I discuss quietly with each other about how we’re gonna have to tell him to shut his door because he keeps listening in on our conversations

Graham, you’re gonna have to shut your door.

What? Why? Why do I have to shut it?

Because you kee-

Madeleine interrupts and yells from her bedroom, “They said it’s because you keep listening in on their conversations.”

Save Ferris- Super Spy


  1. That’s gonna put a crimp in your sex life, ain’t it?

  2. That “monster” looks like the dog in Ghostbusters.

  3. I think it looks like a Marsupial Tapir , but do those even exist anymore? I’m kinda hoping not ’cause thems awfully uggie

  4. Wow, that monster is creepy. Insert mother-in-law joke here.

  5. eewwww… that completely creeped me out!!! The way our house is laid out (completely open) we can never have an adult conversation because the kids can hear us from their bedrooms.. this means no late night weekend parties with other adults… no sex (except when they are at school), and gossip only in our bathroom… we are the weird family!

  6. That’s hilarious. I think kids have some hearing superpower. Except for when it’s time to clean up…now that’s a different story.

  7. Before I had kids I rented an old house with two roommates. One housemate had a girlfriend who was over pretty much every night, and they always went to bed early with a big yawn and a “boy, am I tired!” comment. Then they’d shut the door to his bedroom and screw like rabbits. The only problem – the ventilation system was like a friggin’ intercom system. We heard every squeal and moan.

    Thank God for a TV remote with volume control. (My housemate and I turned it up, in case anyone was wondering)

  8. PJ – Loved the music! As for your children, just yell at them, “Ixnay on the isteningLa!”

  9. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I love it.
    Amazing that our kids can’t hear when we scream “COME SET THE TABLE!”… but try for a silent quickie in the middle of the afternoon and they are ON IT.

  10. b-rad- oh you don’t even know

    Prudie- you’re good with the whole looks like game. You’ve got two for two.

    anna- that thing is totally hiddy, but pretty much only tabloids are covering. Course if you’ve seen, “So, I Married An Ax Murderer” only the tabs are keepin it real.

    TTF- I’m going to plead the 5th.

    mamabeeotch- *sigh I hear you. 6 people in this house just ain’t cuttin it. I want one the size of super wal mart. ;) but then I couldn’t afford to furnish it, or cool it for that matter

    Joni- my children have been particularly deaf this summer. I’m amazed they passed their school physicals.

    dadshouse- uh huh, I completely and totally believe you didn’t listen…….really

    MCPO- I knew you had good taste in music. ska is great, ain’t it?

    hooligans- quickie in the middle of the afternoon? dang girlfriend you like extreme sports don’t you?

  11. Are you sure it’s crap???? I’m too much of a conspiracy theorist to dismiss anything.
    Or maybe I’m just crazy? Your call.

  12. {{{shudder}}}



    I’m not sure


  13. Well, sooner or later, they are going to figure out the correlation between “What do you mean the condom broke???” and the arrival of a new sibling shortly thereafter…

  14. That monster is weird. I think it kinda looks like a griffen (or however the hell you spell it) Oh I tagged you for a meme on my blog so there!

  15. BiW- 9 months is a long time to correlate anything. :P

    KD- well KD, I reckon I best get to work huh?

  16. PJ – Did San Diego Momma tell you there were monsters under your bed when you were little? :-D

  17. She prolly would have if I’d known her.

  18. There’s one under your bed right now.
    He’s hanging out with the demon clown.

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