PWND By Madeleine

Madeleine is the boss of her younger brothers. Madeleine’s younger brothers obey Madeleine. She uses Jedi mind tricks. She.Has.The.Force.

If you don’t have a baby sister, or any sister at all for that matter, you make one.

 Gavin’s new name is Lisa.

I will have no problem using these photos against Gavin when he’s in junior high. He best behave.


If you’re a princess and you need a “dragon” to ride, you make one. See how happy Garren is? This is so much fun!

Hang on boys, summer’s over in two weeks.

[UPDATE] It runs in the family. This is my brother in 1986. We had a Japanese exchange student and we were entertaining her. If foreigners think Americans are weird, it’s because of my family. Did I mention he was in the Marine Corps at the time?  *snickers The don’t ask, don’t tell policy was not in force at the time.

See that little square area under the bed? That’s where I used to hide and eat all the chocolate bars I was supposed to sell.

What’s that sound? That’s the sound of my brother being thrown under the bus. Sorry Michael.

*sits back

*waits for phone to ring


    get that man a bacon sammich and a roots beer STAT!

  2. Is there something Freudian about your daughter creating transgender sisters and dragons in your house? Just asking…

  3. Cute! I love my new niece…can’t wait to meet her.

  4. I will have no problem using these photos against Gavin when he’s in junior high. He best behave.

    Evil mommy! You’re going to use them against him whether or not he’s behaving.

    I think Garren is trying to figure out how he can breathe fire and scorch her gown.

    And why the heck doesn’t a princess have a tiara on? Sheesh!

  5. Ha ha!!!

    That is some good stuff there. Blackmail material for sure.

  6. Never underestimate the creativity and sheer evil of a little brother wronged. Maddy will have an interesting time when they are older, I think.

  7. More wedding slideshow material. For any of the parties involved actually.

  8. WP- poor boy needs his bacon

    dadshouse- I’m in the denial stage ;)

    kare-kare- let me just tell you, ,your new niece is a doll

    CB- You’re right, I will prolly use these pictures no matter what. The princess’ tiara is missing because Lisa did something with it.

    T- I’ll probably get a lot of chores done for me around the house….at least till he finally decides he doesn’t care anymore.

    BiW- Madeleine will rue the day

    Will- I so hope I remember this idea by the time they get married. I can’t hardly remember what I had for breakfast this morning, but I really hope this idea sticks.

  9. That’s it. This time I am really calling Child Protective Services! This is atrocious!

  10. hahaha, you want my address?

  11. hahaha, you want my address?

    Nah, I just want to see whatever embarrassing pictures your brother has of YOU.

  12. I can’t hardly remember what I had for breakfast this morning, but I really hope this idea sticks.

    We have a phrase around work for that sort of thing. “I don’t remember. I’ve slept since then.”

  13. That was a wonderful read! That reminds me… we used to torture my cousin the same way, I must have some pictures of him wearing tights around here somewhere.

  14. Gender confusion – Nature or Nurture??

  15. Those are too funny. We have the same issue in our house. We are constantly singing Monkey See Monkey Do.

    Those are sure to be used against him later in life – her too for that matter.

  16. Awww, cherish these moments. They really do grow up too fast.
    I have a picture of my son at 2 or 3 wearing my headband, putting lipstick on while holding my purse. He’s all growed up and leaving for college in less than 2 weeks. *sniff*

  17. He would be a really pretty little girl. Gigantic candy bars were my financial ruin in high school. I would sneak into them too and then owed my money envelope waaaay too much money. When we sold m&m’s it was torture. I was a horrid candy seller. I can still remember how the candy room at school smelled when it was time to sell. ahhhhh.

  18. So does your brother have a blog?
    Cuz that could really suck for you.

  19. When Bardolf was about a year old I was making a dress for a baby about his size so I used him for a fit model…Then I took pictures..then I kept using him for a fit model every time I made sclothes his size, girlie or no. Hubby is still pissed at me.

  20. b-rad and san diego momma- my brother has taken some seriously UGGGGGLY pictures of me, but I know he loves me oh, so very much and would never want to do anything to hurt his favorite baby sister, no, not kare-kare ME!

    will- I’m stealing that line

    MCPO- I’m gonna say both in this gene pool anyways

    worsethings- that’s EXACTLY what it is, monkey see monkey do. Gavin is not complete if he’s not doing everything everyone says or repeating what they say, which s really, really bad.

    porknbean- college? oh, that day will break my heart……….and then I’ll crack open a beer……..maybe and then I’ll cry again and then open another beer. Maybe I’ll go to the movies. Huh, I dunno

    simplypink- forcing chocolate addicts to sell chocolate is unconscionable

    KD- I really, really, really want to see some of your sewing stuff. baby clothes? awwwwww

  21. Heh. Your poor brother. I bet he never imagined when those pictures were taken that they’d be displayed in public like this. The internet bites yet another unsuspecting ass! I love it.

    Gavin is so pretty. Seriously. He looks like he’ll be one of those boys that are way prettier than the girls. So you should, um, probably keep him away from the makeup. You wouldn’t want it to become a habit or anything. :D

  22. PJ Momma – tell us when you get to the anal stage. That’s always fun to watch. At least Freud thought so.

  23. tell us when you get to the anal stage.

    PJM’s been there, done that.

    Oh, your not talking about that. Never mind. I’ll save it for a Hostages thread.

    Anyway, my 2-year-old boy love stealing and wearing his 5-year-old sisters clothes. I think he does it more to piss her off than anything else. Atleast that is what I keep telling myself.

  24. The mind boggles.

    The picture of Gavin in those boots and the diaper…is hilarious. Oh man, I can practically feel that kid’s future pain.



  25. I have three boys… the pictures are tempting. Who knew with a little make-up, a tank top (complete with spaghetti straps) could fulfill my wishes of having a little girl.
    Gotta run… I have a make-over to give. Thanks for inspiring me!

  26. prudie- I don’t want to tell you what he’s wearing right now.

    dadshouse- the anal stage is freudian? I always thought it was Bill W.

    rich- too bad you made me laugh. no ban for you!

    randomesq- the boots photo makes me think of the Village People

    Sammanthia- I have 3 boys too! Spaghetti straps are key. The important thing is to not be like me by making sure you have nail polish remover on hand before application.

  27. Can not type…laughing too hard.

    My younger sisters did the same thing to my baby brother. And as much hell as they put him through, I’m still laughing!

  28. […] us when you get to the anal stage.  PJM’s been there, done that. Oh, your not talking about that. Never mind. I’ll save it for a […]

  29. omg! this is pure brilliance! i love this!!!!!

  30. too funny huh? poor gavin

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