Fishing without a license

Went to the beach to swim (about 5:30p) tonight. It’s nice because we are two miles away, so to jump in before dinner is not a big deal. The waves were a bit choppy but we managed, one wave got me though….I was getting pummeled. I recovered, but once up I felt something wiggling in between the upper half of my suit. What the …..????? I looked down, two fish! I caught TWO. Fish. In. My. Swimsuit. Mom mode kicked in and I showed Brodey and he got to hold the fish and then release  -it was quite neat to see.

After all the excitement, we sat and watched our son play in the sand for about 15 minutes and then it was time to get home. My husband got Brodey bathed, I poured more into my wine glass (from earlier) and then checked email. Time to shower for me and then it happened….. I pulled my suit down in the tub and out flopped another fish! Are you kidding me? I screamed, not sure why?…but I was shocked…Oh my, how long have I been walking around with a fish in my suit, ew! We figured at least 45 minutes. Gross. (please save all your “smells like fish jokes” not interested)

We got rid of it properly though….thank goodness for boys!

[update] as you can tell by the extremely clean shower walls, this is kare-kare’s post, not pajama momma’s



  1. Umm…ewww. I would have screamed too.

  2. What a story!

    Yeah, fish in your suit at the beach is one thing but finding it 45 minutes later? Eeek!

  3. This is another reason not to drink unadulterated water. You know what the fish have been doing in it! I suggest liberally applying ethanol to water prior to consuming it.

  4. mom mode nothing. I’d be freaking and screaming and jumping into a lifeguard’s arms demanding mouth to mouth.

  5. I’d demand mouth to mouth from the lifeguard if the lifeguard was a cute woman. Can I borrow a fish to get things rolling?

  6. Ewww….

  7. Nnnnooooooooo!

  8. I was wondering where PJM got another son named Brodey.

    Interesting story.

    How was your first day at work?

  9. another son name Brodey.

    I don’t even have one son named Brodey

  10. hehehe,
    Glass minnows! Snook love ’em. G should have been fishin!

    I went out wade fishing last sunday and caught a 30″ snook feeding on glass minnows.
    They are thick here.

  11. I meant “another son, this one named Brodey”.

  12. Meanwhile, Domino’s has begun offering the always popular “live anchovy” topping in 30 minutes or less!

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