Because I’m a Slacker, Blogging This Week Will Suck Hard

No one procrastinates better than me. School starts next week and my time will be filled with: haircuts (4 kids) new school shoes (3 kids) dr.’s appts. shots, physicals, clothes shopping (3 kids, gavin can just stay naked) backpacks, school supplies, patrol (crossing guard) meetings and preschool orientation.

I start school the following week.

shoot me now

Here, enjoy an oldie, but goodie while I’m away……………



  1. well, it’s a good thing you got the new belly button thing out of the way before you got really busy

  2. did i ever tell you that i like belly buttons?

    i do.

    only the innies, though

  3. Yep right there with ya.

    Hang tough Momma!

  4. clothes shopping (3 kids, gavin can just stay naked)

    Isn’t that what got you in trouble last time?

  5. My son’s school starts on Tuesday of next week, which is also his birthday. How bad does THAT suck?

  6. “Things seldom go better than they are planned.”

    Famous saying from Naval Aviation Combat Operations.

  7. Planning is for control freaks who like to have their blood pressure tweaked.

    BTS shopping is a torture devised by Satan himself.

  8. You know what I don’t like about BTS shopping? Those lists. When I was in school you needed a pencil, some crayons, and some paper. Now you need boxes of Kleenex to share with the class….er, no. If my kid gets a snotty nose, that is when I will send in Kleenex with him. Or bottles of Purell….er, no, take my kid to the john and let him wash his hands with warm water and soap. It does a better job. And no, I do not want our school supplies put in a community box. And screw you for not accepting an inch and a half notebook because I could not find the inch one on your damned list.
    Friggin school supply nazis.
    My kid actually had a teacher threaten the class if they did not bring in 2 boxes of Kleenex. WTF, do they need 60 boxes of Kleenex? Or Ziploc bags? I was all geared up and ready to ‘nicely’ tell said teacher that the kid will bring Kleenex when the kid catches something worth wiping her nose over…but the kid begged me to just buy the Kleenex….bahh.

  9. I’m glad you like belly buttons bart. that makes me happy for you. I’m getting used to mine.

    T- thanks, it’s sucking hard, but I have no one to blame but myself. I didn’t want to buy the kids clothes any sooner because it seems like they grow 10 feet over summer.

    WP- I’m always in trouble

    Alice- I better check my kids schedule. I’d crack up if I dropped them off at school and there was no school. First day of school on your b-day totally sucks.

    MCPO- good, I’ll stop planning, EVERYTHING

    BiW- I haven’t figured out whether I’m a control freak or not. The answer depends on which ex-boyfriend you ask. No need to ask pjdaddy thank you.

    porknbean- the community pool REALLY pisses me off. If you’re doing it because there are some kids whose parents can’t afford the crayons, then fine, say so and ask for everyone to bring an extra box maybe. My kids like to keep their crayons nice and don’t like other people’s teeth in their crayons and pencils.

    Oh and the fact that it has to be a 11/2 inch binder and not 1 inch really ticks me off too. We had two teachers require special pencil bags last year and one require a Tombler box. I looked everywhere for a Tombler box and I was getting so frustrated. Turns out Tombler is the teacher’s last name and she just wanted a pencil box. I don’t even have the school list yet, I’m just trying to go off memory from last year and hoping I’m close.

  10. My two are grown and gone, but I remembered being told the binders for some subjects had to be like 3″ or 4″ to be able to handle ALL their notes and handouts for the entire year. Those were also the days when my kids came home with backpacks so loaded down that I was concerned about all that weight permanently injuring them.

    Some teachers even had “binder checks” each week. Students had to show how all that crap was properly getting filed in those 4″ things, and were graded on it. I wish they would have spent that time inspiring and teaching kids instead of checking up on them.

    AND — I hated feeling that my suggestions or concerns were not taken seriously.

    School Nazis.

  11. Thing is pjmomma, who can’t afford a 20 cent box of crayons? And if there are one or two kids whose parents who won’t or can’t get to a store to buy them a 20 cent box of crayons (or a tub of peanut butter for sandwiches for that matter), then the teacher should have a couple extra handy for those parents to buy from her. Or the school should have a donation list. I will go a step further, since we are paying out the wazoo in taxes for these schools, they should provide the supplies as needed beyond a number 2 pencil.
    Back when I worked retail, sometimes a teacher would come in and buy some extra supplies and by talking with the manager, was able to get them discounted a little further.

  12. Know who sucks hard?

    Kay in Maine. I forgot about that lunatic…

  13. porknbeans is absolutely correct! Taxes in our school district works out to about $13,800 per student, per annum. For that amount of money, the children should only be required to show up dressed appropriately (no flip-flops).

  14. You’re right porknbean. Not being able to afford school supplies is the excuse the teachers gave me for why we have to have community property supplies. That and because some kids bring in stuff that’s better than other kids and the other kids will be jealous because they’re stuff is not as cool.

    They also have a habit, EVERY SINGLE YEAR, of sticking my son, who’s a very good boy, with the bad kids hoping he’ll rub off on them. Every year I have to request he be moved because he can’t learn with kids that are disruptive. He doesn’t rub off on them, they just pick on him.

  15. Some teachers even had “binder checks” each week. Students had to show how all that crap was properly getting filed in those 4″ things, and were graded on it. I wish they would have spent that time inspiring and teaching kids instead of checking up on them

    I haven’t had that happen yet, but I won’t be suprised when it does. *sigh

    abbadon- you are correct, kay’s odd

  16. no flip-flops

    flip flopist!

  17. Just show us pics of a fish jumping out of your cleavage and we’ll be amused all week.

  18. Just show us pics of a fish jumping out of your cleavage and we’ll be amused all week.

    hahahaha, it was my sister, but I”m sure she’ll give you a picture. she’s good like that

  19. Please come back now. You’ve been gone long enough.

  20. I love my mommies. You rock SDMomma.

  21. Meanwhile, the kids are wearing last years fashions, while mom is buying Gucci for her first day of school.

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