YAY! My Kids Went Back To School! This Was The Best Day Ever!

Notice how far apart they stand from each other? They’re like magnet ends repelling each other.

Yes my muther effing house is blue! This is not my fault. These same people also chose blue formica countertops in the kitchen. WTF?!?!?!

7:30 am

*thinks about threatening graham with death if he doesn’t smile for photograph, figures he’ll cry and the photo would look bad, decides to ask him to pretend he finally made his hunter in World of Warcraft a level 70. That works

Graham and Madeleine compete for freaking everything. Their biggest deal in the morning is who gets shotgun when pjdaddy drives them to school in the mornings. Last school year I had it written on a calendar who’s turn it was because they always seemed to think it was their turn. First thing said this morning by the kids after an entire summer of not even thinking about it (maybe), “Who’s turn is it to sit up front?” Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

9:00 First day of work in gym daycare

Garren and Gavin having a good ole time with their friends. Gavin’s diaper decided to leak while I’m in the manager’s office watching a training video.

Fast forward 31/2 hours

12:30 pm- Time for Garren’s first day of preschool. He did not want to go and was very unhappy. Leave Garren sulking at his desk.

12:35 Gavin’s sad because everyone’s gone. Both his brothers and his sister are gone. He thought he was going to school too.

Where Gawen?

Garren’s at school.



Man this is going to be a loooong 3 hours. I had these fantasies I was going to get all this laundry and cleaning and meal preparation done in these three hours, but no, Gavin wanted to sit on my lap the entire time because his whole family was gone and he was crushed.  I didn’t know what to do to get some work done. And then it came to me.

Time to get some work done.

Oh did I mention I got this? Yeah, a puppy. I decided my life was getting a little too mellow and I needed to do something about it. Meet our puppy Arwen, doesn’t quite look like Liv Tyler from Lord of the Rings, but she’s the compliment to our Frodo. Shucks, looks like the world is just against me cleaning today. Whatever shall I do? I guess I give up.

Gavin, you wanna go to the libary with mommy?


3:30- Pick Garren up

How was your day at school Garren?

It was great! I want to go here every the day. I got a star!

Did you learn any letters or numbers today?

No thanks, I got a star.

Oooohkay, well at least he’s polite, right?

3:40- arrive to pick up Graham and Madeleine find out I’m the most favoritist parent ever because I was supposed to get them at 3:10.

So how was your first day of school guys?

Graham- So mom, there was this level 59 warrior…………

Graham, I asked you about school, not how World of Warcraft was yesterday.

Graham- Oh it was great, we hardly got any homework.

Well that’s good I guess.

Madeleine- Mom, I got to hang out with a popular girl today!

Well how do you know she was popular?

She told me she was. She told me not to tell anyone because it’s a secret.

*pretty sure I’m not handling this whole thing the right way and realize later maybe I was supposed to tell her that being popular is not what’s important. What’s important is that she’s a nice girl and people will like her because of that, not because of what clothes she wears and who she hangs out with. Man she’s only in first grade having a girl is gonna suck HARD!

Um, ok, but how is she the popular one. Maybe you’re the popular one?

*senses madeleine is getting irritated that I’m not just listening to her so I decide to shut up

Mom, she even talks popular.

*decide to ignore that comment” because I don’t even know what the hell it means. Does she say, “like” and “oh my gawd”? Is that what talking “popular” is?

What’s her name?

I don’t know




  1. Ma’am, I have seen blue houses.

    I have lived among blue houses.

    You do not have a blue house.

  2. My kids start up again tomorrow. But I’m a thousand miles away, so I’ll miss it all.

    Dang it.

  3. *sigh*…I so love you.

    Your house is a FINE shade of blue. My next door neighbors house was pink with BABY blue trim for 17 years. When the painters came to paint my house- they told me to tell my neighbors they’d do their house for FREE. It was appalling.

    Graham and my Max need to get together.

  4. P.S. Madeleine is absolutely gorgeous. Oh my god. Best first day of school outfit EVER.

  5. Our house was blue when we bought it. Light blue-painted T-111 siding with dark blue 1×4 trim. Hey, sound familiar?

    I couldn’t wait to rip that shit off.

    Now it’s completely encased in partially-painted and primed lap-siding. Anybody out there like to paint???

  6. Why do you guys start so early there? The heirs do not return until after Labor Day.

  7. Michael- you haven’t seen the rest of my neighborhood. One house is oh so beautifully decorated with about 30 plaster swans stuffed with fake flowers, their colors reflecting the seasons.

    geoff- ah that sucks. I’m sorry you’re homesick. I know you like your chats with wifey. :( oh yeah and you like your kids and stuff

    hooligans- LMAO about your neighbors. I hope they took them up on that offer.

    Abbadon- hah, that actually sounds like an improvement

    BiW- I think it’s because we have a certain amount of “weather days” they schedule. So if we have a hurricane and the kids have to take that time off, it’s already figured into the school schedule every year. Last year was cool (not) because we had no hurricanes and all the kids had “extra” days off.

  8. Your posts rock, PJM.

  9. thank you for not correcting my grammar mussy. ;)

  10. My kids are the same – an entire summer will go by and they’ll jump right back into some competitive conversation like your kids saying “whose turn is it for shotgun?” Too funny.

    I love the little rubber cage for your kid. Is there a slot to feed him?

  11. Is there a slot to feed him

    Oh, ooops! I thought there was something missing.

  12. TEENAGE GIRLS!!!!!
    Bwahahahaha… you just wait

  13. I like the color of your house.

    Little girls are evil, I learned that within a few weeks of Rhys starting kindergarten, when a gaggle of the ‘in girls’ made an ‘out girl’ burst into tears at her own freaking BIRTHDAY PARTY. I’ve been trying to figure out how to keep our little girl from turning into that, and at this point I’m stumped. I don’t think it’s going to help that, with an older brother, Zoe’s likely to have older friends, know about stuff before other kids in her class does, etc.

    They split that gaggle up in first grade (today was Rhys’s first day of school too), but one of the in gaggle-leading girls from another class has already ganged up with one of the ‘in girls’ that’s still in the same class as Rhys. I can already see the trouble brewing.

  14. Anna- please shoot me now

    Alice- I know. I’m so glad I only have one. Really. I swear this kind of drama is exactly why I hung out with boys in high school.

  15. And I think I found out at dinner that the gaggle-leading girl that was in the other kindergarten class that is now in Rhys’s first grade class lives directly behind us. Ugh! I’d much rather some sweet, a little bit shy, really smart girl lived right behind us. A girl with glasses and braces. Instead we have a girl who wore lipstick in kindergarten.

  16. My house was also blue. I painted it gray right after we moved in. I told the builder his colors sucked and should have asked for help in choosing.
    I hope DD’s first day of school goes well next week. Our Jr. high sucks because it’s over running with a certain race. I’ll crawl back into my hole now.

  17. So how was the job??

    Lovin M’s outfit! They both looked adorable.
    And what the hell is Gavin imprisoned in up there? Where can I get one??

  18. I don’t start school again for another 6 days but I’m already concocting ways to beat my lil’ sister is all the competitions we start. Oh yeah, Teenage girls are bad for the parents, but I really feel sorry for Graham.

  19. Good stuff PJM, Good stuff.

    Your new puppy is awesome! looks like a gooden!

  20. PJM – One of the downsides to being an empty-nester is missing the excitement of the first day back at school. You’ve done a wonderful job of evoking those memories for me. Thank you.

  21. alice- I certainly feel sorry for you. I had a girl on Madeleine’s bus last year that poked Madeleine with a needle! I was furious! And the girl lives on our block.

    becky- you have a daughter in junior high? That’s puberty season. YIKES!!

    bookmomma- I love the job. I figure the longer I stay out of my house, the cleaner my house stays. Oh and about the kid trapper? Target $20 pet aisle. ;)

    cody- LMAO! I feel sorry for graham too AND your sister. madeleine knows how to push every single freaking button. good luck with school.

    Vmax- she rocks. she’s the easiest dog to train so far, course she keeps crapping on garren’s backpack. I’m pretty sure that’s a sign that i’m ignoring.

    MCPO- ty, are you missing having the house full? or are all those ridiculously hard hours of golf making up for it?

  22. Nope – Miss having a houseful of kids around.

  23. How many did/do you have?

  24. Mine started on the 18th, too. It was bittersweet, but I am thankful that they are having a great time! :)

  25. PJ -Only had the one but, we were the house that all the kids hung out. Ever since our son was young, we had a house full. Whether it was from his sports teams, a school project partner or just kids from the neighborhood, there always seemed to be 4 or 5 young people in the house.

    For example, being a technophile, I had the big screen, surround sound and DVD player early. All the kids would come over on Friday and Saturday evenings for the latest movie release. The missus and I would make popcorn for them and serve lots of pop. Kids loved it and their parents knew where they were and that they that was supervision.

    Even after our boy went off to college, many of them would stop over to say, “Hi.” Miss the bunch of them.

  26. For example, being a technophile

    big ticket items, young boys in the house…..
    I thought they called that something else?

  27. Kare-kare – you have a filthy mind! I knew there was a reason I liked you so much!

  28. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, kare-kare’s good like that

  29. Never had a problem with my girl and drama beyond the occasional hormonal thing. She is turning 16 soon, cute, shy, studious, with braces. She can’t stand any drama either and tries to avoid it. She knows to keep her mouth shut as gossip always has a way to come back to bite one in the ass.

    Now my son….*sniff*. We drove him to his dorm yesterday. It is a good thing since he needs to get his ass up and start doing things for himself. It is sad, because in my head I am turning the pages of each year of his life. I remember the beautiful sunny day when we brought him home for the first time. Yesterday was beautiful and sunny as we drove him away.
    When he was toddling around as a baby, sometimes he would come up and sit on our feet. No reason. Some weird baby thing because he could. Yesterday, while we were waiting in line to pick up his books, I wondered to my husband, ‘ Husband, do you think he would sit on our feet one last time before we go?’ Yes, I was slap happy from not sleeping very well the night before. I will miss him.

  30. MCPO, our house used to be that way too. I miss having a house full of kids.
    Pjmomma, you are a very lucky – and blessed – momma.

  31. Meanwhile, nobody has noticed there are only two haircuts for children in this family. The “flow-bee and the Dorothy Hamil”

  32. So I’m going back to everyone’s blogs and catching up on A MONTH’S WORTH OF READING — sheeh — and I read you got a puppy! So did we! Ours was unexpected — a gift for MP from Poppy. So, it’s a little overwhelming. AND? She’s a total turd smokin’ POO EATER.


    I’ve missed you!! (Sorry I’ve been such a slacker …)

  33. Hey MP! Long time no see! Hope all is well with you. I’ve been a total slacker too.

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