Summer’s Finally Over, My Kids Went Back To School And Tropical Storm Fay Decides To Show Her Bad Self

Monday the clouds open up and sunshine from heaven rained down on me, my kids were going back to school. Tuesday evening we load up in the car to get our school supplies, turn on the radio and hear school’s gonna be closed on Wednesday and Thursday because of a possible hurricane. My kids rejoiced, I wept.

MUTHER EFFER! What the hee haw heck? I cannot win can I?

Last night about 6 or 7 households gathered up in my neighbor’s driveway and we had a “hurricane party”. No, we were not sitting there as the hurricane passed over us,  in fact, it’s not even a hurricane, it’s a tropical storm. We just used the coming storm as an excuse to have a party because no one had to work the next day. Everything’s been shut down.

Vodka and I are not on speaking terms today and there seems to be a run on Advil at the local grocery store.

We just got the electricity back on after 3 and a half hours and have three trees down total (two were from the storms we had a couple days ago). So far we’re doin pretty good and it’s not a hurricane and there’s no flooding at the moment for us,  so we’re lucky…………….and, I must admit, as long as my kids are safe and warm, I’m pretty ok with the fact that they’re home with me.



  1. PJ – Glad to hear “all ya’all” are OK. I was thinking about you all day. Keep your powder dry and give those “chill’runs” a huhg.

  2. Will that storm never pass over? Thank goodness it wasn’t a hurricane. I hear that Florida has record rain with Fay. I see that the rain is headed our way now, but at least it won’t be as bad. Well, good luck with that headache.!

  3. Wine and I are not on speaking terms as of right now, but I don’t have a hurricane party to blame. Stay safe!


  5. “What the hee haw heck?”

    I’m totally stealing that!

  6. MCPO- thanks for the nice thoughts I’ll keep my powder dry and my beer (ick can’t even think about beer) cold.

    Liz- I really hope you don’t get it bad. It seems neverending.

    KD- I think I’ve gone from “not being on speaking terms with vodka” to, “you’re not my best friend anymore”. It’s that bad

    b-rad- lol, you are pure evil

    Groovy- steal it! I stole it from my brother

  7. Dang girl. Glad to hear you’re all safe though.

    And the map… that’s pretty darn scary. At least it looks bad from here.

  8. Sounds like my kind of party! Glad all is ok there.

  9. You forgot to blame President Bush and his evil weather control machine. He is the reason for those downed trees, the kids at home and of course, the hangover. /end sarc

    Glad you’re all hanging in there.

  10. No, we were not sitting there as the hurricane passed over us,

    You gonna go windsurfing in it, too?

  11. Meanwhile, though there is no vodka at the party, nobody has the wits to get some rum for “Hurricanes”?

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