Tropical Storm Fay Is Saving Me Money *cough*

[UPDATE] Hi, karekare here (PJM’s lil sis)…I was just informed via cell phone that power is out. The sky is not falling yet…but not sure when she’ll be back.

PJdaddy and I are looking to get a pool this winter. We’ve got a boatload of trees that need to be removed from our backyard for this and in our front yard we need to get rid of them because I’m flippin tired of them sapping all over my car. There’s nothing worse than being in my standard morning rush to drop the kids off to school, I’m late, I’m barefoot and braless and praying my car doesn’t break down because I don’t want anyone to see me like this and I grab my minivan’s doorhandle and get a great big gob of sap in my hand. I hate that. I want those trees gone. And besides that, they’re a hazzard because if an actual hurricane hit, those puppies would destroy our home.

Tropical Storm Fay has been kind enough to help me with some of our tree issues.

TIMBER! This is a tangled mess of 3 trees that have fallen in our backyard. They’re resting every so gently on our back fence.

This is one of those sappers! Good riddance! If you listen real close, you can hear the tree calling to it’s comrades. I hope the tree fairies don’t kill me tonight because I celebrated when they lost one of their own.

I had to sleep with every single one of my stuffed animals on my bed because I was certain that if one was forgotten on the floor it would get all jealous and kill me in the middle of the night.

I actually got to see this particular branch fall because I was outside checking out this other branch that I’m expecting to fall on top of our house any minute now. The neighbors came running outside when they heard this branch fall. I’m pretty sure they thought I’d backed into one of their cars again.

This is the “pool” I let the kids dig back in February. The dirt in our backyard is actually sand, so it normally just sucks any rainwater right in. The hole is a little over two feet deep and is completely filled with rainwater. I’m pretty sure it’s going to look like this any day now.

The kids won’t be swimming in this……………maybe.

Notice our turtles are still there? Unless they’ve washed away, or have hatched and have been imprisoned in their little white trash shelter. Kare-kare says they’re prolly in there banging their little tin cups against the prison bars.

Messy, messy.

The outside of my house is starting to look like the inside of my house. C.H.A.O.S. (if you’re a flylady, you know what that means)

Tropical Storm Fay is slower than molasses in the winter, she’s just not going away. Oh yeah and she’s defied all sorts of stuff that the weathermen have predicted…yadda, yadda, yadda. Don’t they say that with every big storm?

On a related note, Abbadon goes kite surfing this week while on vacation in Florida.

[UPDATE] Two more branches down

Seriously, we’ve probably saved about $400 in tree removal so far.



  1. A few more gusts and the pool is SO IN! I am buying a plane ticket down (after the hurricane season is over and the pool is ready and you have a margarita waiting for me in the hand of your pool boy)

  2. Girlfriend, you better show up!

  3. Barefoot and braless – is that how moms run around the neighborhoods these days? I gotta get out more.

  4. Barefoot and braless – is that how moms run around the neighborhoods these days? I gotta get out more

    Nah, just the white trash ones.

  5. Homey, with Rosetta, WPinto and me running around, THAT ain’t sap

  6. Not sure which is more tragic..
    -the storm
    -or you running around barefoot and braless?

    (Cap’n would be proud -you freed the crunch berries!)

    ((now for the rest of us…put em’ back))

  7. Reason # 45,928,430,090,845 I no longer live in J’ville. No, idjit. . . the storm!

  8. Pool + barefoot + braless = Who needs Chicago? I’m moving to Florida.

  9. PJM,
    Before the next storm (if you can afford it) Pick up a 5500 watt (continuous) generator. (I bought mine at Home Depot on tax free week 5 yrs ago for $500) then get one of those portable window unit air conditioners. ($300-$400) The generator will run the house (but not the central ac) and the window unit. (unplug the hotwater and do not use the dryer until the kids are in bed and everything is off except the ac) (YMMV, but this looser geek was very popular for a few weeks!) (people will want to “borrow” your ac by standing in a cool room)

    I live on a stub line with 10 houses on it. The year we had all the storms my power was off for 4 weeks (1 week 4 times) So I have the drill down.

    Or go spend $10k on one of those automatic ones that you never have to think about, but what is the fun of that?

  10. BWHAHAHA!!

    Mark goes from being an art fag to a dumb ass on national tv. Think of his poor wife who has to deal with him on a daily basis.

  11. Hey, that’s my hole!

  12. Holy crap girl. Stay safe…

  13. Whilst the thought of living in the hurricane-belt excites me to a certain degree, there is all the associated WORK…the CLEANING….and we can’t forget the all important BEING WITHOUT POWER. Nope, not gonna look for waterfront property down there anytime soon.

    Besides, the Nor’Easters we get up this way are plenty exciting. Nothing says family bonding like being snowed into your home.

  14. Who is Mark?

  15. I am very glad you and your family are doing well, PJM.

    May Thor avert his eyes from your domicile.
    (Ancient Norse Blessings by Erik the Fuscia, p. kurgu)

  16. wpdunn- {{{shudder}}}

    kare-kare- me being braless and barefoot is far more tragic

    MCPO- but you’d stay for me, right?

    randomesq- if you saw half the chicks that wear bikinis here, you’d be half tempted to buy a harpoon.

    vmax- ty for the advice, I’m definitely gonna get me a generator, don’t think it’ll be one that costs $10,000 however.

    mound?- hahah, is that your new name?

    mesa- Pretty Hole™ it’s my hole now

    T- thanks,I tried

    Auds- if I didn’t have kids I’d be a stormchaser, coolest job evah

    Muslihoon- mark = abbadon, thanks for your thoughts and prayers

  17. Meanwhile, there are how many children running around that yard? You would think one of them could find a rake!

  18. I was on a different computer. My bad..

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