Okay, I should so NOT be here

I. Hurt. Everywhere.The Academy is working me hard mentally and physically. Tomorrow we have another run day, it’s supposed to be 100 degrees. Pray for me.

I should be shining my shoes, studying, or icing my stomach but I thought I would share this….I find myself laughing and drooling at the same time. Silver is the new Black!



  1. drink lots of water tonight in prep for distance running in the heat! Pre-hydrate in the morning too. Then drink a few mouthfuls every mile, and you’ll be fine

  2. Ok, I missed something…

    Hope you are well!

  3. Hey Morris, thanks…I’ve been drinking all night (water that is) and I’ve really improved on my running. I do think that I pulled a stomach muscle though…it hurts so bad. What r u going to do?….can’t quit now!

    T-You didn’t miss a thing but maybe you were confused who wrote this post?…it’s karekare PjM’s little sister.

  4. Smoothes back own silver locks. Jonathon Goldsmith looks like Vincent Price in a way. He is more handsome now, than when he was younger.

  5. T- karekare entered the sheriff’s academy this week and is being brutalized

  6. karekare – Hi there! Wow, good luck with the training. I hope you aren’t horribly sore tomorrow…at least, not any more than you are today. And, of course, that you survive the 100 degree heat and run.

    Having said that – BOO to silver. I refuse. I’m 35 and holding steady with dark brown and hoping to keep it another 10 years.


  7. Kare-kare – Chin up, sweetie. If you are injured, let your T.O. know.

    I happen to have wonderful salt & pepper hair!

  8. Kare-kare – Chin up, sweetie. If you are injured, let your T.O. know.

    I happen to have wonderful salt & pepper hair!

    I think I just strained my stomach, it is getting better. I still can’t do a unassisted sit up but I just keep trying and they see that. They did scream at me….

    Me – Sir no Sir. Sir I think I strained it earlier this week Sir. (gotta love them Maam and Sir samwhiches)

    Then quietly he said, “Do what you gotta do and don’t injure yourself.”

    Oh and gotta love the salt & pepper….Men: look distinguished Women: (most of the time) Old Maid Whatever!

  9. What the f WAS that?

    where’s the naked over-thirty MILFs???

    *Abbadon secretly clicks back at Silver Feast website to his favorite March pinup

  10. Whoa. You ARE hardcore.

    Keep hydrated and try to stay rested. And please remind me not to make you mad cuz you could totally kick my ass.

  11. Whoa. You ARE hardcore.

    Yes, after the academy I will be selling tickets to the gun show. :)

    *kisses each bicep

  12. best of luck and thanks for the HAWT silver foxes

  13. For all the ladies, I have Lance Armstrong cycling naked on my blog today.

    PJ Momma – when are you going to get off your butt and start blogging again? We need your humor

  14. Hi PJ Mama and KareKare, I can’t figure out who is who. Well, I couldn’t but now I’m catching on. It’s my dumb cracker mind. It’s trying to go silver. Good luck on the run. Those silver guys look good. Although one of them kind of looked scary. I can’t remember which one. It wasn’t Clooney.

  15. PJ Momma – when are you going to get off your butt and start blogging again? We need your humor

    With any luck PJ Momma has realized there is a better life in the real world, cyber space isn’t a REALl happy home.

  16. Hellfire, maybe you should take your advice and suck it. Who do you think you are, anyway, flipping Dr. Phil?

    Let me offer you some Windex so you can clean the windows in that glass house you live in. That way you will see it coming when that large boulder is lobbed back at you.

  17. Meanwhile, I’ve been buying brown after being told it’s the new black. I’ll have to ask Anthony, he’s brown but insists he’s black……

  18. Elroy, ask what brown can do for you.

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