I Get To Do A Room Make-Over! Woot! Woot!

My 6 year old daughter Madeleine decided she wanted to get rid of all her toys and only have art type stuff in her room. She really wants to be a clothes designer when she grows up.

Now I have a clean slate for Madeleine’s room. She absolutely wants NOTHING princess. That’s too baby-ish for her. She recently had to get  braces and a palate expander.


This is akin to a medieval torture device, but she thinks it makes her look like a teenager and she so desperately wants to be one. Cuz it’s cool, you know.

I decided to go to the craft store to pick up some fabric to make a bedspread for her. The pattern requires the width of the material to be 45″ wide or more. Did you know the sumbitch manufacturers are shaving off the width of the material? I did not know this (course my sewing teacher told us about this, but I didn’t think it could be that bad, WRONG!). I bought all the material, preshrunk it and it turned out to be BARELY 41 inches. This sucks.

She wanted a Bratz themed bedroom and with ever so gentle prodding from me,   *cough,  I convinced her to have her room chocolate and hot pink. Ok, I admit it, I begged. Bratz dolls look like little hookers. I tried  to tell Madeleine they didn’t dress appropriately because their guts were hanging out.

In real life people can’t wear the clothes the Bratz dolls can. Most people’s bodies don’t look like a Bratz doll, they look like this:


I made the mistake of trying to tell Madeleine that girls who dress like that look naughty. 

Naughty? Naughty how?  What do they do?

Crap, fatal mistake. There’s no way in heck I was going to say they look like hookers or sluts because there’s no way in heck I was going to explain to Madeleine what those were.

Um, nevermind. It’s just not a very good look.

*prays this look will be out of style before Madeleine becomes a teenager, cuz she’s so not dressing like that

Man I get distracted easily, so anyhoo, Madeleine and I compromised. I’d make her bedspread hot pink on one side and chocolate brown on the other with brown and pink pillows and a brown bedskirt and I would put Bratz appliques on the pillows. Madeleine suggested her walls be painted chocolate brown with a wide pink stripe down the middle and two thin stripes on either side. Yes, she thought of that on her own.

But the whole idea got blown thru the roof because of cheap manufacturers. It has to be at least 44inches wide so there’s no seam in the middle of her bed. Luckily I was able to take the fabric back because I hadn’t cut it. So Madeleine and I went hunting for new fabric for her bed. We could not find the right size pink and brown, so we had to settle for a new design idea.

Ya know how hard it is to find fabric 45″ wide anymore? VERY FREAKING HARD!

After about a half hour looking at fabric, this was a Joann’s Super Store, so there’s a lot to look at, she finally found the one she wants.

 “That’s it! It’s very adult-ish I want this and a zebra striped bedskirt

Adult-ish? bwahaha hahaha haha, awwwww, so cute.

Turns out fabric is 44 inches wide. Perfect enough. I take it home wash it and lay it on her bed and read the words on it. “Vogue” Exquisite” “Lovely” “Treschic” “Teasing” “Glamorous”……wait, rewind…..TEASING? Teasing? Are ya serious? At first I thought it said texting which is just as bad, but teasing? Why on earth would they put that on that fabric. I mean, I know it’s “adultish” and all but teasing? The whores win again. Might as well send Madeleine to school in a pair of shorts with the word, “hottie” across her bum.

There’s a word after the word “Teasing” but it’s covered by a “little black dress”. Please someone tell me “teasing” is part of some sort of French fashion phrase my ignorant little self doesn’t know about?

So this is her “before” room………there’s no after yet, just got the material last night.

Her room is so tiny it was too hard to get a full shot of the closet and door from inside the room.

When my good internet friend lauraw found out about Madeleine wanting to only have “designing” stuff in her room, she sent Madeleine a big ole box of fabric bits and notions and beads, buttons and bobbles. The coolest box of goodies a girl that’s into that kind of stuff could ever want. Madeleine has no toys now, only the stuff from lauraw and her Bratz fashion head.

My intention is to put a drafting/craft table to the right of her little storage thingy. I saw this on craig’s list and I want it, but can’t seem to talk the chick down any. My girlfriend Mrs. D sent me this picture from Ikea that looks pretty awesome as well.

Mrs. D also suggested a zebra rug. Faux of course.

Any decorating ideas and suggestions will be gladly taken and secretly scoffed at. No seriously, anyone have ideas go for it. I love the help.


  1. How do you feel about a parisian theme? High fashion, poodles, pink? Kinda can steer away from the whole sluts err bratz theme? I can’t wait to see it!

  2. oh you know what? that’s brilliant! That’s prolly exactly what I’ll do. You are such a starbarbie!…………….high fashion, glamour, the runways.

  3. You’re a good mom PJ. O RLY? Really.


  4. Kudos to you for making her bedspread. I cant’ sow worth shit! I love pink and brown. I love stripes and polka dots together also. I also love zebra prints! My daughter is really into zebra prints as well. For curtains, if you decide not to make them, a friend of mine bought a shower curtain and used that instead because she found the perfect print for her daughters room. I think your daughter’s idea for the bold stripes in the middle is brilliant!!! Are you doing the painting?? I can’t wait to see it finished!!!

    I want the box of goodies thing…….that is so cool, same for the drafting table!!

  5. Love her choice in fabric. Is that a light table on the Ikea table? If so, I so vote for that. You know she needs a dressmaker’s form in that room. http://onlymannequins.com/pages/Female-Mannequin-Stand.php

  6. I say you put a live zebra in there. The stripes are slimming, and every girl should have a pet.

  7. Naughty. Yeah, prolly not the time for that conversation yet. Although an in-depth description of a few things might gross her out, still.

  8. cranky- I love it when you smoke crack, you’re so cute

    april- I took sewing in high school and with the help of my friend, I’d sew my own clothes. this way no one had anything that looked similar. I can’t remember squat so I decided to take a class and this is my first project.

    pattyann- madeleine freaked when she saw the dressmaker’s form, between you and squirrely I got her into the idea of a Paris room.

    b-rad- can you supply the zebra please?

    BiW- we’ll just continue discussing the tooth fairy and santa

  9. I was also thinking the Paris theme. They have pictures in black and hot pink, with the Eiffel tower, and the French poodles, like tres chic stuff, girlie but geared more towards fashion.

  10. hah, I was just browsing some of those on the net sohos. I’m so excited

  11. yay! great!!!!!! I think it is going to be really great!

  12. b-rad- can you supply the zebra please?

    No zebra, but a horses ass? I’m your man!

  13. What the heck? You aren’t going to put these all over her room?

    I actually love the bedspread and you should see if you can get a dressmaker’s mannequin (here’s one on Ebay in hot pink) and put a cute floppy hat with feathers or a matching boa on it.

  14. Yeah! PJ Momma is BACK to writing rockingly funny blog posts! You had me cracking up good on this one. From Bratz hookers to muffin top clothing looks. Thank you.

    And glad I found out about this 45″ or less cloth problem. That will put a major crimp in my plans for a line of Dad’s House boxer briefs, I think. Or maybe I flunked home ec.

  15. I heart zebra stripes. If anyone knows where to get a set of thick fuzzy zebra stripe car seat covers, I’d love a link. Not the thin trashy ones, I want the big thick warm fuzzy ones.

    Not to go off on a tangent, but even if someone thinks they’re not sporting a muffin top with their bratz hooker look, I hope they’re checking their backside to make sure they don’t need to wax their lower back before showing off their tramp stamp.

  16. That was funny. I’m trying to keep my 7 year old Bratz free to no avail. As you said, “The hookers win again!”

    My sister has this theme in her teen daughter’s bathroom. She has baby pink walls and black wrought iron accents on the walls and counters. It looks great. I also suggested old black and white movie star posters to look even more “tres chic”.

    Have fun!! Can’t wait to see the after photo.

  17. Eat your heart out PJMomma….But now I’m stalking you back, so watch out!

    I remember you from liveblogging the convention! So glad you stopped by to say I’m hot. har har

    What a great room! The black and pink is super cute and the addition of zebra stripes is an amazing idea. Much more unique than Bratz!

    Just a thought about the mannequin. You said her room is kind of small. If you want to conserve space, maybe do a mannequin shaped message board instead that she could hang her design sketches up on. You could even make it yourself. The mannequin would add a lot design-wise, but unless it’s a true dressmaker’s form, it might just be something that takes up space. Plus, I’m cheap…I’d buy a little mini-mannequin you can get at JoAnn’s for ten bucks.

  18. Hot pink, Parisian theme, no slutty Bratz….


    Granted, it is the bath stuff at Target, but super cute idea.

    I like the pink and brown combo. I remember one of those decorating shows redid someone’s extra room in the Parisian, brown, pink, theme, with a chandelier. If Madeleine has an overhead light, I’m sure you can find a small and simple chandelier somewhere. Oooo, oo, and do a simple canopy or curtainy thing above her headboard.

    My daughter has Shabby Chic bedding and a dull brass finished metal headboard. Am thinking about the chandelier thing.

  19. Here is a pic of her new headboard. Just have to change the paint color on her walls and possibly install a small, plain, chandelier….and get the extra woobies off her bed.


  20. Yes I am a STAR. I expect after pictures you know. Oh and I sew so if you have questions shoot me an e-mail!

  21. Candice Olson on Divine Design (HGTV) did this gorgeous girlie bedroom with pink walls and black accents. I looked for it on the HGTV website and couldn’t find it. Anyway, one thing I remember was that there was lots and lots of toile in pink/white and black/white. Also, there was a fabulous black crystal chandelier. When I saw it at first, I wasn’t impressed. But when it was hung with all that pink and whilte with a little black, it was stunning.

    This is similar to the show I remember, but isn’t quite it: http://www.hgtv.com/decorating/frilly-big-girl-room/index.html

    This is similar to the chandelier I remember:

    Next time I get a house, I’m doing a bathroom in pink, white and black with a similar black crystal chandelier. Well, I might substitute red for pink, but the idea’s the same.

  22. Ok, I love you guys for all the design ideas. I’m pretty sure I’m going to implement every single one of those design ideas.

    Oh I”m so excited. Hope it looks as good as my imagination thinks it’s going to.

  23. Hi, crazy girl. You keep me laughing – muffin top, anyone!

    Here’s some parisian theme ideas:
    http://www.stumpsprom.com/catalog.cfm?caid=810556 (fabric)
    http://www.ababy.com/data/paris-posh-1.html (wall letters)

    http://store.delias.com/item.do?categoryID=1916&itemID=50177&sizeFilter=&colorFilter=&brandFilter= (tower decal)

    http://www.stencilkingdom.com/catalogue/catalogue.htm (stencil)
    http://www.bellacor.com/productdetail/312904.htm (black chandelier)

    How about hat boxes for storing her supplies/fabrics/stuff? And some silver to the black and pink might look chic.

  24. Yes….sounds like you have a big job ahead of you. Can’t wait to see ALL of the after pic’s! We’ll be waiting..

  25. Oooh. Hat boxes. Parisan themes. Black crystal chandeliers. Shabby Chic. Headboards. Oh my.

    Argh! I’ve got to get away from the decor porn. I love it too much. So addictive…

    Seriously, I think she’s going to get a gorgeous room. We demand pics of the project! (Well, I demand… request… ask… beg? Please? ;) )

  26. I’m so excited about this you guys!

    Too bad I’m stuck painting chairs for the next couple of days so I can’t even get around to her room for a little bit.

  27. OK, I suck. Are you really making the bedspread yourself? You continue to amaze, my friend.

    I’m dying to put a “reading nook” in my kid’s room, where you have draping fabric hanging from the wall, circling over a bunch of pillows for a private little reading area. It could probably be shabby chic’d up.

    Did that make sense? Prob not.

  28. Tough conversation with your daughter there about looking naughty. I would have been like “uh…uh….” lol.

  29. 1. I had to wear one of those evil things when I was a teenager. So. Fully. Sucked.
    2. That’s the best muffin-top picture ever.
    3. I think it says “teasing moi”… I’m not reading all those comments ^ up there to see if someone else said it :)
    and 4. Thanks for linking the picture at my site, you rule.

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