The Turtles Hatched! The Turtles Hatched!

On Sunday Pjdaddy and I were talking about the turtle eggs in our backyard. We figured they must have been a bad batch because it was taking forever. We didn’t know if turtle eggs could “drown” because they’d been submerged underwater for 3 days during Tropical Storm Fay. We’d been checking on the periodically, but hadn’t lately.

I suggested to Pjdaddy he go crack one open to see what’s up. He declined because he had no desire to smell rotting turtle. Spoil sport, but he and Graham did go outside and check them out. Graham ran right back in the house hollering, “They’re hatching! They’re hatching!”

My children had the wonderful opportunity to watch life begin.

Sadly that turtle didn’t make it. And no others hatched that day.

We checked the turtle hole on Monday, nothing. I checked it Tuesday morning, nothing. Graham came home from school and checked it himself and there it was, another turtle already out of it’s shell. Pjdaddy saw another turtle coming out of it’s shell and we saw two additional empty shells where the turtles had already escaped. I don’t know if toads eat turtles, but there was a big, fat toad hanging around.

^ That’s a turtle coming out of it’s eggshell. And below, it’s hard to see, but there’s two turtles in the tank.

They’re incredibly flipping cute and are about 1 and 1/2 inches wide.

[UPDATE]- I finally identified the type of turtle. Yellow eared slider turtles.


  1. So,
    Did PJDaddy take the pictures?
    Tell him to stick to his day job, they are all, no the 1st one is ok. 1 out of 4 isn’t too bad if you are playing ball.


  2. that’s my man hand holding the turtle v-max

  3. Oh that is SO AWESOME!! What are you going to do with them?

  4. “My children had the wonderful opportunity to watch life begin. ”

    You mean, they watched you and PJ Daddy get it on in bed? Ewwww….

  5. KD- I have noooo clue

    dadshouse- you act like that’s wrong or something

  6. Aw!!! So dang cute!! I love turtles.

  7. So…when’s soup?

  8. Am I not turtley enough for the Turtle Club?

    Turtle, turtle.

  9. “My children had the wonderful opportunity to watch life begin. ”- PJ

    Sadly, they also had the wonderful opportunity to watch life end…

  10. Sadly, they also had the wonderful opportunity to watch life end…

    yes, do tell why that little turtle didn’t make it or did you purposely omit that part of the story? :)

  11. That’s awesome. I know, I know. There’s the ‘ awesome ‘word. But it is.
    I have never ever seen a turtle hatch. But, thanks to you PJ, now I have, sort of. Great picture of those 4 little noggins staring down waiting on the turtles too. Cute.

  12. yes, do tell why that little turtle didn’t make it or did you purposely omit that part of the story? :)

    I purposefully omitted that part of the story. thank you very much b-rad and kare kare

  13. t- I like ’em a whole lot too, they’re super cute

    steamboat- you want new england clam chowder?

    pnb- hahaha, I’ve been saying that since they were laid in my yard. LOL

    alias- I’m from California, I’m all about the words, “rad” and “awesome” and “dude” dude

  14. Well, considering the kids’ delicate sensibilities – let’s make it Mock Turtle soup.

  15. I think I have a mock turtleneck shirt. That might work.

  16. Aw. Poor little turtle.

    I’m amazed that someone had the courage to touch the turtles. I’d be afraid of bacteria or sumpin’. But I’m squeeeeemish that way.

  17. What’s wrong is you didn’t provide webcam pay per view.

    Or did you, and I missed the memo?

  18. […] October 2, 2008 I call Turtle Meme! […]

  19. PJM is now “Turtle Momma”.

  20. Mmm, they look so tender and juicy. I’ve got the butter melted in the saute pan. Bring ’em over.


  21. Prudie- sad to say the one I was holding was dead so I was not askeered of it.

    dadshouse- my life’s motto is a day late and a dollar short

    MCPO- Ok, I’m cool like that

    *fast forward years later to children’s therapy visits

    It all started when my mom let Steamboat and Randomesq eat our turtles

  22. Wait, so you’re giving me a buck discount on PPV?

  23. buck fitty

  24. It was dead? EEEEEK! That makes it worse, not better. You are so brave.

  25. Dang those are small. Very cute!

  26. Our old office bordered a protected wetland. One of my coworkers was walking across the parking lot and accidentally kicked a little dude about that size. It skittered across the asphalt, unharmed, so he brought it in and we raised it. He was a yellow-eared slider, too.

    He lived for several years and then got sick and died (one of my colleagues was so destraught he shopped the turtle around vets all over the state). So here’s the deal: turtle food is made partly out of ants, and the formic acid eventually will blind and kill the turtle (at least, that’s what the vet told us).

    On the other hand, if you feed him live fish, turtles have an upsetting habit of taking a single bite out of a fish and then letting the thing limp around the tank for a few hours to die in agony. Bastards, turtles, really.

    When ours finally died, we buried him under a ceramic pagoda outside the company restuarant. I wonder if anybody ever found him…

  27. I’ll see your neighborhood and raise you.

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