Seriously, I Have The Coolest Neighborhood In The Whole Wide World

It was a gorgeous afternoon yesterday and pjdaddy asked me to sit outside and visit with him while he bundled up some wood in the front yard.

I took my yarn and crochet needle and planted myself in my neighbor’s driveway so I could watch our kids ride bikes with the neighborhood kids.

Garren picked this color out because it’s the color of Thomas the Tank Engine. I have yet to finish one crocheted item because I keep screwing up.   I think this is finally the one. You know how excited you feel when you go on a date and absolutely everything clicks? Well, this is nothing like that, but I’m pretty happy nonetheless.

^ That’s my precious angel *cough pushing poor Talon off the bike because he wasn’t getting off Gavin’s bike fast enough I guess. Gavin is going to have a rude awakening when Talon finally realizes he’s a whoooole lot bigger than him. Hah, yes that’s pjdaddy right there. Totally oblivious.

It was a crisp, beautiful fall day. For me, the new year always begins not in January, but the fall. I’m sure  it has to do with the start of school and the start of all the holiday season.  It’s my favoritist time of year in a melancholy/sentimental stay up till 3 in the morning listening to Enya while I wrap presents and reminisce sort of way. Everything.  was.  perfect.

Then I hear it, the ice cream man. This man is a huge fan of the next door neighbors. Somehow they can afford to spend $800 in ice cream every time he comes around. I cringe when I hear his little song playing, it seems like he parks outside my home for HOURS torturing my children. As soon as I hear him, I blast the TV hoping they won’t, but it doesn’t matter, it’s like some sort of dog whistle for kids.

Yesterday was their lucky day because Graham used his own money and bought his brothers and sister a treat. The neighbors got their ice-cream and Graham got them theirs making sure they were fully aware they could only purchase the $1 treat. I wish I’d gotten a picture of it. All the kids lining up at the truck picking their flavors.

Everyone resumed riding their bikes and eating ice-cream, when the next truck showed up in our “hood”. Tomorrow’s trash day, so  the “junk guy” will cruise neighborhoods looking for scraps to recycle or resell. My neighbor “Honor Roll” (no that’s not his real name, he’s commented here before using that name) just happened to have some goodies for the man, so he backed up into HR’s yard and started loading up the bounty.

No sooner does the “junk truck” arrive then another truck comes along and stops when it sees pjdaddy bundling wood. The driver asks him a couple questions and I see it’s a tree removal truck. *sigh We get one of those trucks every couple weeks, but the prices they charge to remove our trees are just too expensive for us.

Not this time. These guys offered to take down the tree that causes us the most trouble for $185. WHAT?!?!?!? That’s insane! This tree was at least 40  feet high. We’ll take that deal. No more sap on my car! WOOT! WOOT!

We gathered up all the kids to make sure none of ’em got squished by falling branches and to watch this really cool event.

The guy put spikes on his feet and with chainsaw attached, climbed it like Spiderman.

 *visions of luau in my head   Oh if only there’d been coconuts up there!

He took the tree down.




While the other guys chopped and stacked the wood in the street for pick-up.

Even the toddlers got involved.

This is Talon our next door neighbor.

I counted the rings 3 times to try and figure out how old the tree was. I got a different answer 3 times. I gave up.

They did such an awesome job at clean-up we gave them $200.

As pjdaddy and I sat letting the kids ride their bikes around one last time before we called it a night, we saw the local drug dealer walking across the street and heard him yell at his friend, “Those ni&#$rs are talking crazy, let’s get the fu$k out of here!” We watched them run and get into their vehicle and speed away and I thought to myself, yep, it’s the perfect end to a perfect day in our neighborhood.


  1. Overall sounds like a great day! I love watching people do tasks that I could never in a million years do! It’s really neat! (OMG I just said “neat”. Sorry for being suck a dork)

  2. Dollar Treats?
    i remember the Drumsticks and the Volcano pops

    I SWEAR to god, one summer night as the local ICT came thru, it was playing “Jeremy”

    the voices in my head were puzzled

  3. Holy SMOKES! That is one MOTHER of a tree. Can’t believe they took it down for $185!

    “For me, the new year always begins not in January, but the fall.I’m sure it has to do with the start of school and the start of all the holiday season. It’s my favoritist time of year in a melancholy/sentimental stay up till 3 in the morning listening to Enya ”

    Big fat – ME TOO!! to the above. Every word of it. I wish it would stay fall all darn year.
    And to Enya part as Ever listen to Clannad? Same thing….cool and melancholy.
    *sigh* Great post.

    I especially love the fact that you’re taking pictures of children playing “nicely” with each other instead of interfering in any way…lol……Atta girl!!

  4. OMG what a bargain! We have 7 HUGE pine trees (out of the 53 on our property) that we really need to have taken down and the least expensive estimate we received was $450 PER TREE!

    Ya think you could send your guys up here? We’ll give them room and board and free lobster dinners as well as fresh Maine bluebrerry pie…all they can eat! *lol*

  5. Ok, I want to live on your street :)

  6. YOU are HI-larious! My favorite line….
    You know how excited you feel when you go on a date and absolutely everything clicks? Well, this is nothing like that, but I’m pretty happy nonetheless.

  7. Me too on the Fall!

    And HEL-LO, PJ Daddy! How YOU doing?
    Sorry. That was inappropriate.

    In addition and to sum up, that was such a beautiful neighborhood vignette. even with the inclusion of the racist local drug dealers.

  8. PJD looks surprisingly normal. What did he do to get stuck with you?

  9. I love your neighborhood, too. All I’ve got is one senile old biddy on the right who likes to accuse us of stealing her garden tools. And I’ve got the usually empty grow house on the left.

    Oh, and I’ve got the stinkin’ kids down the road I hate so much, but that’s pretty much it.

    Talon is a badass name for such a sweet looking kid who doesn’t mind being shoved off of trikes. The kid’s got size and a chainsaw, so I think he can take Gavin unless Gavin has some sneak attack thing you haven’t blogged about.

    I like the color of the yarn thingie you’re making. I can’t really tell what it is, but the color is pretty.

    And count me in on the Fall Luv bandwagon. (I certainly understand why traditionally pagans celebrate the new year on November 1. Ending and beginning the year during the best season seems the way to go for me!)

  10. KD- I just love sitting on my bootie watching other people work period.

    wpdunn- I think there’s a horror movie in the works somewhere

    Hooliegirl- Love Clannad….my cyber twin

    Auds- for all that can I come take down your trees?

    Rightwife- I used to live in AZ, I was prolly your neighbor

    kare-kare- I miss you, time to drop out of the academy

    SDM- lmao off the talking to pjdaddy thing. racist? nah, they just have bad manners, they’re black too. My neighborhood is white, black, Phillipino, Italian, Mexican, Jordanian and mutt and prolly a whole lotta other stuff I don’t know about in this neighborhood of about 65 homes.

    b-rad- I knocked him up

    Prudie- I hate all the kids in my neighborhood too! ;) It’s a scarf…..cuz it gets oh so cold in north Florida

  11. Hey Hey –

    We are on Dragon Blight :) in a guild called

    I would be more than willing to drag you away from crocheting!


  12. don’t know why it got rid of the guild name, but it is called “with Pancakes”

  13. hahaha, with pancakes?

    I always like going on raids with moms………..or moms to be.

    It’s funny because before we go on a raid, everyone asks, “ok, anyone have to change diapers first? How bout feed babies? Anyone need to feed?”

    I’m not sure if I’m allowed to switch guilds or how that works. I’ll have to check it out.

  14. Did you just compare crocheting to dating? Wait a minute, this isn’t PJ Momma posting. It’s PJ Grand Momma!

  15. hahahaha, come on you whippersnapper! You gotta cut me some slack here. I did say it was NOTHING like it. ;)

  16. Oooo! Nice scarf! What stitch/pattern is it? It looks great!

  17. awww, you’re awful sweet. I don’t really know what it’s called, I know there’s a V stitch and then I skip next 2 chs, work 3 dc in nect ch, skip next 2 chs, work in V-st in next ch……..sumpin like that. I’m cracking up though because I now have 6 scarf requests since I finished that one. Go figure.

    You’ve inspired me Ms. Fat Cat Crochet. ;)

    and I wanna be a soldier’s angel and make blankets for our people in the armed forces

  18. “I want to have fun, I want to shine like the sun
    I want to be the one that you want to see
    I want to knit you a sweater
    Want to write you a love letter
    I want to make you feel better
    I want to make you feel free”

    – Joni Mitchell

  19. I’m right there with ya on the season. Love it.

    And I am sooooo jealous that you even have trees to cut down! I live in the burbs where they plow down all the trees, build the houses, and then spend the next 30 years trying to get the new trees to grow. I would love to have trees!!!!

    Looks like a fun day.

  20. Rittenhouse Estates also has a neighborhood drug dealer, of sorts.

    She’s a pharmaceutical rep.

    Won’t give me any free samples, though. Isn’t that how pushers are supposed to work?

  21. PJ Momma, I listened to the Ice Cream Truck Jingle. It was maddening. I felt my mood change. I’m sure that there is some type of subliminal message in there that makes kids happy, but angers adults. Wish I had those tree cutters here. I have a Persimmon Tree that is dropping persimmons on my car. Talk about a mess. It looks like a giant bird flew over my car. I rode to market the other day before I noticed a huge persimmon on my hood. It looked foolish, like a big bird sh… hood ornament.
    Oh, and PJ, if you’ll check my blog, you’ll see that I didn’t intend to treat you as shark food. Really, I’m so addled. I must have gotten excited because I got 8 comments, then just went crazy with some type of attention disorder. Yeah!

  22. PJ, you go girl. Learn to make a woobie/blankie and get going on Soldier’s Angels.

  23. Are you thinking of another post this month? If not, I have to go out and get more Halloween candy and decorations.

  24. Sounds good. To this day, “Watermark” still calms me like no other music.

  25. I LOVE your neighborhood. And is that the first pic of PJDaddy you’ve ever posted or have I REALLY been out of the blog loop for that long?!? (Holy Hotty McHotterson, btw.)

  26. That top picture made me laugh out loud. Hilarious!

  27. PJM, you need to post more often.

    Of course that’s a compliment not a criticism.

  28. PJ, your hubby is hot and your kids are so cute and your neighborhood is so pretty, so lush and green. I hate you! j/k!! =)

    And you know how to crochet??? Wow! Nice work! Do you make chicken noodle soup???

    Btw, did spiderman in the tree wonder why you were taking pics of him?

  29. I talk a lot of shit, but I gotta say, PJDaddy, is a good looking dude.

    He can fuck my wife, as long as he doesn’t knock her up.

    And little Talon TOTALY needs to date Piper in 10 years, or Trig, I don’t know which way Talon swings, you’re his mom.

  30. So Kare Kare?

    Hows things? Everything good, I hope so, thats good, things should be good, thats how I roll, hehe, but, no really, I was just wondering?

    You know, uh, well, things are good, so maybe? uh, I don’t know


    Well Kare Kare, I gues I will get back at you with that question later, right now I need to go to the hospital and put my balls in traction.

    I don’t know what that means but it doesn’t sound pleasent.

  31. worsethings- I lived in a neighborhood like that in Arizona…….loved how much bigger the houses were!

    rittenhouse- we got a nurse in our neighborhood who’s a pill popper, no way in HELL I’d let her near me if I had a brain injury.

    Alias- hahaha, persimmons are the worst. We had a pomegranite (too tired to look up spelling, but I’m pretty sure I’m wrong) tree and my aunt had a fig, talk about a mess.

    b-rad- you wanna woobie too?

    mcpo- I’m uninspired, it’s terrible

    BiW- watermark is one of my favorite songs to play on the piano

    mommypie- yeah, pjdaddy’s growing on me ;)

    bejewell- haha, I”m guessing you’re talking about the one where my son is pushing the other kid off the bike and not my crocheting?

    mare- you’re very kind. it’s nice having you around the hostages

    aprilwine- I don’t know how to crochet, I’m learning.

    wicked- you’re a tard, I love you, but you’re a tard. Talon is the neighbor’s kid. You stay AWAY from my sistah.

  32. Have you heard of It’s a WAY cool knitting/crochet online community. The website is actually still in the testing stages so it requires an invitation to get in. It’s FREE. Definatly request an invite. Mine took like 3 weeks to get but I hear they are a couple days now. Talk about ideas!! OMG! Lots of help too. Check it out.

  33. Did I tell you lately that I love you?

    I’m sooo checking that out. My whole goal in life is to be a plump little grandma that crochets and bakes cookies. I’ve got the plump part down already.

  34. OMG! 6086 people are ahead of me in line. sheeze louise.

  35. No biggie! Really I hear they are crankin out the invites. Email me if you need anything!
    P.S. If this Ravelry thing turns into an addiction, I will deny turning you on to it =)

  36. oh man, I’m so excited. I can’t wait till I can actually click on anything on that site.

  37. Wow.

    First…$185 is a steal!

    Second…well, I guess I have nothing to add about your husband since I don’t want to a) shag him or b) compliment you on shagging him. Oh, what the hell – congrats on shagging him. ;)

    Third…I swear, knitting made some sort of comeback in the last 5 years, didn’t it?


  38. Oh, what the hell – congrats on shagging him. ;)

    HAHAHAHAHA! I had to read that to him because it was so flippin funny.

    and yes, knitting and crochet has made a comeback because you can make some really bitchin stuff. It ain’t your grandma’s sweaters and blankies anymore.

  39. Didn’t there used to be an actual blog here?

  40. This isn’t the blog you’re looking for.
    You can go about your business. Move along, move along.

  41. HAHAHA!

  42. I missssssssss you! Blog soon. I need something to read!

  43. would you mind moving to a more boring neighborhood so you’d have a reason to blog again? i miss your funny sassy takes on life!

  44. OKay, I have to know…

    exactly WHAT bitchin’ stuff can you knit??

  45. Once upon a time there was a blog that had regular posts by PJ Mama.

    But the evil Democrats taxed her into silence. And no one lived happily ever after.

    The end.

  46. Gah, I’m sorry guys. I suck.

    randomesq- I can’t knit squat, but there are some people who can knit and crochet really cool stuff. Like, um…… this

    Ok, maybe not that, how bout this?

  47. Just teasin’, pm.

    Shoving the furiously struggling Grue aside and catching her breath while treading water in the lukewarm swamp, Pajama Momma thought to herself, “Why didn’t I take that job as a war corespondent? This home-maker work is murder!”

  48. hahaha, I knew you were steamboat.

    Methinks you need to write Cliffhangers. I’m intrigued.

  49. PJM – you should come over to Weasels and help us write a 50K-word novel. It’s here:

  50. Oh I’m so there.

  51. The Sequel:

    “Once upon a time there was a blog that had regular posts by PJ Mama.

    But the evil Democrats taxed her into silence. And no one lived happily ever after.

    The end.”

  52. Um… I hope you’re not expecting me to post? I have a good excuse, I’m in the academy! -is that good? or should I be posting how the guy next to me at the range always has violations…and I fear for my life. Like when he got a hot brass (ejected round) down his shirt and rather than holster up…he placed a loaded weapon between his knees and then did some weird dance to shake it out. I’ve never heard my Lt. yell so loud. Good times, good times…

  53. Yes, you should post. It’s not like you’re doing anything. Look, I had to make coffee this morning. I’m tired ok?

  54. PJM – I’m s-o-o-o-o-o disappointed in you.

  55. Kare-kare, watch your back. There be doofii with guns out there.

  56. Kare-kare, watch your back. There be doofii with guns out there.

    Yes, and the sad part is I have one in my class.

  57. PJ, this Oh El Dee. Just thought you might like to know.

  58. “I ain’t missing you at all since you’ve been gone away
    I ain’t missing you, no matter what I might say”
    – John Waite

  59. Pajama Momma who?

  60. What a beautiful neighborhood indeed.

  61. PJM, where ya beeeeen??? We miss you over at the Pie House.

  62. Just wanted to come by and say hi and let ya know we miss you!

  63. Has anyone seen my sister?

  64. No I haven’t! I think she may be having an affair with a Disney character.

  65. *wipes finger in dust*


  66. Peej, you helping the hubby out with the pool biz? Or did you twist your fingers into knots with all the knitting and can no longer properly operate a keyboard?

  67. I think aliens got her.

  68. What would of happend if that guy got hurt???? People like you who hire people like that make it real hard for reputable companies who have insurance to survive.

  69. They were fully licensed and insured.


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