The Pajama Momma Family Is Going Home [UPDATED]

We’re going back to San Diego. We’ve had a good run in Florida, but the pool market has run it’s course and we really, really, really miss SoCal.

Pjdaddy had an awesome job here in Jacksonville and we’d like to thank the pool company for hiring him and “hellfire” and her husband for leading him to this wonderful opportunity in the first place, but it’s time to go home. One of pjdaddy’s old companies didn’t have a job opening, but they wanted him back so badly, they “created” one for him. We’re very excited to have been given this opportunity.

I am sooooo freaking excited to go home. I’ll miss my “hood” and “Ms. D”, but I’m not allowed to call her “Ms. D” anymore cuz it’s a totally lame name. She’s “lil hot momma” and that’s the truth. It was a blessing to have met her because she made the last few months here palatable. “Lil hot momma” is fun…………in fact, it’s her fault you guys don’t see me on the net much anymore. Blame her. Sorry to throw you under the bus like that “LHM”, but seriously, it’s your fault.

Anyhoo, we’ve had 3 full years here and I’m done.  I look forward to introducing my kids to the crazyness that is my family.

We’re packing up the house, leaving Friday or Saturday and hoping the property management company can find someone to rent our house. I expect to be home in time to consume every single pie my mom has made for Thanksgiving dinner. Sorry kids, find your own pie.





for shame, for shame, I didn’t include Garren’s buddy in the photo so I updated it with Drewsicle. Look how sweet he is.



  1. Nice to see you post and glad to hear you are returning home! best wishes for a smooth transition!!



  2. Best wishes, pjm!

    …And I’m really glad to see you posting again – even if it’s (I assume) temporary as you get relocated and packed/unpacked/etc.

  3. It’s too bad you’ll be peeling off the I-10 to catch the I-8 before getting into Phoenix, otherwised I’d say stop by. I don’t envy a cross-country road-trip with four kids, unless of course you’re flying and having your shizz trucked over professionally.

  4. Whoa! No wonder you haven’t posted in so long! And how cool is it that they wanted the hubby sback so bad that they made a spot for him? And crap! look how BIG the kids got in 3 years!
    Now that you’ve got all your yarn in one box (wink,wink) when you unpack in San Diego you can enter it all on Ravelry and hit the ground running. Keep in touch PJ! Safe trip home!

  5. Congrats on going home! Great picture of your cute kids. I love the name of your blog…so great! It’s my first visit, so I thought I’d stop by and say hello.

  6. under the bus?, some of us know that issue too well

  7. You’re back!!! Glad to hear that things are well and you’ll be home with family soon. Have fun and don’t stay away so long!

  8. Thanks KD and steamboat!

    Will, I’m sooooo dreading this drive. I can’t imagine anything sucking worse. Only solution we’ve come up with so far is to separate the oldest two because they have it in for each other. One in the rental truck, one in the mini-van.

    Linda- what’s actually funny about this move is it did force me to put all my yarn in one place. Course that’s prolly a signal that the end of the world is nigh, but hey, at least they’ll be in the same place when the asteroid hits.

    Domesticfringe- well nice to meet you! I had to google ya cuz you didn’t link yourself. Don’t be shy. ;) I will stalk your blog regularly now. mwahaha hahaha

    wpdunn- I’m sorry you’re under the bus, can I at least bring you a drink?

    T- well hi miss T! I’ve missed checking out your blog. When I move back to cali, I’ll be around a bit more often……….fingers crossed

  9. Peej,
    Four words. Chloroform and dog crates.

  10. It sounds like you’re excited about going home. Nice to see you putting up a new post. The kids grow so fast. Jake said something last night that made me do a doubletake. You can’t buy those moments.

  11. Cool. PJM coming to back to CA. Now we can plot the conservative take over of the state government…..who am I kidding.

  12. Little d saw your pics and wanted to know where he was. He even pointed to the area that he was standing….thought he would forget didn’t you? He had fun comparing little G to the big G now. We’ll be in Tx and near I-10 when you guys drive through, you should stop and have Thanksgiving with us; cuz I really don’t see how you’re going to get to CA that fast. Call me crazy….

  13. awwwwwww, that breaks my heart about Little D. I’m gonna stick a photo of him in here so you can show it to him……..and I’ll send you the rest of them too by email.

  14. You didn’t throw us under the bus. You threw us over the bus. It’s less fatal, but just as inconsiderate.

    And I don’t believe the “H” in “LHM” without photos.

  15. You’ll get nothing and like it rittenhouse. ;)

  16. Santee has changed a lot since you lived there. It has an intersection now.

  17. PJs coming to Cali!!!!


    *does the Snoopy dance*

    Hey fake internet girlyfriend!

  18. Oh thank god. We need more sane people in California, politically speaking! Good luck, I hope it’s a trouble free move…

  19. Call me!

  20. She’s only moving back to avoid having dinner with me!

  21. PJMomma’s moving to California to be closer to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! And hey-I’m a sane Californian…as sane as they get anyway…

  22. Awwwwww so glad to see you alive and well out here…or, um, over there now, seeing as how you are down in San Diego now and three hours behind me.

    When we’re down visiting family we’re going to have to see if we can say hi! Well maybe…if I ever get the nerve to leave the house for that kind of a trip. There’s have to be a whole hell of a lot of valium involved! *lol*

    Glad to see all is well, have really missed you out here!

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