Home, Sweet, Home

Now that I have my foot in the door at my parental’s home, it’s time to take over make myself a little more comfortable.

Our new home is my parent’s garage till we get settled and till pjdaddy starts working and then we can see where we go from there. There’s a hiring freeze at his old job here in Lakeside, but they’re weasling him back in, so it’s a bit slow to get started. Worst case scenario is one month. Totally ok. I’m adaptable.

Right now we’re nestled cozily between cement mix and a saw, but pjdaddy is working hard weatherizing the joint for us. (if you’re nosy like I am, you can click the picture to make it bigger)


My oldest two kids had their first day of school on Monday. Not on purpose mind you, we went for a tour and the principal asked them if they wanted to stay. Believe it or not, they jumped at the chance. This is the school I went to as a little girl.

Back in May, I’d come home to Lakeside for the funeral of a very dear friend, when I was upstairs in the room the reception was to be held, I looked down on the schoolyard watching the children running around at recess wistful in the knowledge my children would never have the opportunity to run around throwing paper airplanes like these kids were doing. Or so I thought, BOOYAH! (yes they were throwing paper airplanes around, how cool is that?)

God works in mysterious ways. Seriously. There’s no way this could have all come together except thru God’s hands. Pjdaddy and I brought the kids to the school and we were able to get a scholarship for the two of them for 3 months. That’s about the time it’ll take to get some sweet, sweet moola flowing in again, hopefully. They have a used uniform dealie and today I’m taking the kids to get their uniforms for this woman who keeps them for the school. Aw, I forgot to mention it’s a Catholic school, hence the need for uniforms. Oh and what better time to start at a private school than December? Hello? Christmas plays and programs and goodies and children’s choirs? Oh be still my beating heart.

Funny thing about where we’re living is my parent’s have another house on the property that they just rented out TWO WEEKS ago!!! Is that too funny or what? It’s the house I grew up in and my parents are renting it to my cousin and her hubby. If only we’d known we were coming sooner huh? Course they’re really cool people and they have a 5 year old boy that Garren will have a good time playing with. Or hate each other like my cousins and I often did when we were young because we were together too much. It never lasted long.

However, rumor has it my cousin’s hubby hates spiders. Wouldn’t it be just awful if that house suddenly became infested with spiders? hhhhhhmmmmm? *cough, uh, um………just teasin coz, you know I love you.

My two little ones are used to having the big TV on the wall, apparently they feel they can’t see it now because we’re borrowing the one in my mom’s guest room till pjdaddy can install ours in the garage.


They’re trying to edge each other out to get the best spot in front of the TV.

[UPDATE] as I was writing this, pjdaddy went to drop off his application for his new job. The main manager Jim was there and he pulled him into his formal interview on the spot. We’ve been told he starts December 29th. YAY!

I’m so excited to be in my hometown again. I’m like a dog and have had to pee everywhere to mark my territory again. The old frozen yogurt shop I used to visit, the best Mexican food place, the park, my aunt cathie’s house.

God is good. Life is good. Pjdaddy and I haven’t always, meh, let’s be honest here, we pretty much hadn’t ever worked as a team in our relationship, but after a long arduous road, we’ve come together and it’s funny how life is coming together as well.

[UPDATE] I spelled cozily wrong. It’s fixed now.


  1. OH I am just so happy for you. We are facing relocation and career advancement for my husband. Super Scary. So glad to hear that it is all unfolding and materializing with the ease that makes you able to enjoy each moment!!


  2. Happy 4 you. Congratulations on getting there safely, among family.

    I’m going back to see my childhood home a week from Saturday. I expect it will be completely unfamiliar, as the neighborhood started going tear-down just after I left, in ’83.

    I hadn’t planned to return until 2026. The city buried a time capsule in ’76, when I was 11, and there’s something of mine inside it. I expect I’ll be a total curmudgeon by then.

    Better start writing that speech now, while I’m still nice.

  3. Sounds great, PJ. In sort of related news, the people I’m working for are trying to arrange it so that I can work from Colorado. I’ll have a family again!! Well, in 3 – 4 months, anyway.

  4. When can we all visit? Can I sleep on one of those extra-soft, non-itchy pink sleeping bags?

    Glad you made it across country safely and good luck, PJM!

  5. kd- I’m sooo excited for you. Is the relocation really far away? Oh I’m glad your hubby is finally getting what he earned. *fingers crossed

    MR- Did you put your Flobee in the time capsule?

    geoff- 3-4 months? Oh I’m so happy? sad? happy for you. I’m glad you’re gonna get your family back I know your kids miss you and of course the misses too, but 3-4 months? That’s just pure evil.

    Cuffy- that make me LOL! The kids want to jump on those things sooo badly.

  6. PJ – Great news on PJD’s job!!!

    Be careful about Catholic school. I went to those schools, taught by Franciscans, Sister of Mercy and the Jesuits. . . look how I turned out!!! Fair Warning.

  7. yay!!!!! I am so happy for all of y’all!!!!!!!! xoxoxox

  8. Life is being good to you, pjm! Bravo!

  9. I have my kids in Catholic School. Beats the hell outta CA public schools. And the Catholic School MILFs are hot!

  10. You unplug that saw at night, right?

  11. No, everyone knows you saw logs when you sleep.

  12. No, everyone knows you saw logs when you sleep.


    I’ll be here all week, try the veal.

  13. So glad to hear you’re getting settled in…well sort of. And that’s awesome that PJDaddy starts on the 29th!

    I know my comment is kinda lame…I wish I could come up with something witty…I’m just witless right now. Totally and completely witless. Just the same, I’m genuinely happy for you guys.

  14. I’m like a dog and have had to pee everywhere to mark my territory again. The old frozen yogurt shop I used to visit, the best Mexican food place, the park, my aunt cathie’s house.

    Something tells me if you start peeing like a dog in all those places, you may find yourself marking territory behind bars. And your aunt might not be too happy about the stains on the curtains.

    I’m so happy things are working out for you!

  15. MCPO- I’d be thrilled if my kids have your integrity.

    teamboat- thank you for the kinds words. Yes, things are awesome.

    Rich- Catholic school MILF’s? Do I need to buy a coordinated jogging suit now?

    Auds- Comments wishing someone well are NEVER lame.

    CB- The last thing I want to do is be behind bars, especially since my lil sister is graduating from the sheriff’s academy on the 18th and she’ll be guarding the women’s jail.

  16. :)

  17. The pic of the kids in front of the TV is hilarious!

    Welcome back to Cali!!!

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