oH yEaH bAbY! i GoT tHe StAr! (badge, that is.)

This is PJ’s sis, kare-kare….. it’s been awhile, I know.

Not to toot my own horn again, but……HOOT HOOT!!! I am graduating from the Sheriff’s academy. This was quite a trip. Where do I begin? I have learned so much. I love shooting a firearm  -even the bruises from the shot gun…. (see below)


I met so many nice people, or should I say …future partners? Yes, probably. -I’ve heard once you join…it’s like a family..well once “phase training” is over and you’ve bought your share of doughnuts and starbucks. -I will find my place.

I can honestly say I know a different language….it’s foreign. Not the kind you’re thinking of…you know spanish, french of the sorts…no it’s –  “why are their hands in their pockets?” or “I have a 10-16”  I am already thinking differently. It happens and I embrace it with open arms.

My graduation is in less than 2 days and I am thrilled. For a second I wished I could stay in the academy -that could be my career, right? …I am comfortable. I know what is expected and I do it. I can do the push ups, I can do the runs, I can smile…everyone knows me.

I love this quote by John Maxwell, “If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.”

This. Is. Me.

I did fire training. Fun.


My Dad will give me my badge. My sister is home. I have a “recession proof” career. Life is good!


  1. Smoochie hugs, KKFF!

    Congratulations on working so hard.


    Don’t they make firefighting gear in Smurfette sizes?

    And who taught you how to hold a shotsgun???


  3. YAY! I don’t have to pay airfare to attend her graduation. Which I will post all the nekkid photos from her after party.

    Um, have you found out yet whether you have to work the very next day kare kare?

  4. congrats brave girl!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks everyone! Yes, unfortunately I have to report in the very next day. We will have to save “Operation Inebriation” for a later date.

  6. You are officially my hero. AWESOME!!!

  7. Kare-kare refuses to answer my well thought-out queries!! :-(

  8. And who taught you how to hold a shotsgun???

    I first tried between my knees. Bad.

    Don’t they make firefighting gear in Smurfette sizes?

    Most of the gear was size “huge”..
    Until they make those pants a little more flattering on the figure…. I’m letting it burn.

  9. Kare-kare – You’re damned lucky you didn’t break you collarbone with that shotgun holding it like that. Hopefully, your form has improved and you know to lean into it.

    The firefighting gear makes you look fa-a-a-a-bulous!

  10. Congratualtions! What a sweeeeeeet early Chrfistmas gift!

  11. waw… exciting….

  12. Congrats! What a bruise though.

  13. Where are the Bacon and donut bra shots???


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