Kare-Kare’s Graduation Pics

I’m very proud of my sister. Yesterday was her graduation from the San Diego Sheriff’s academy. I used to think I wanted to follow in her and my dad’s footsteps, but after seeing all that she went through, I’ll pass.  I guess I’m a big wimp after all. Well that and I don’t think I’d pass the background check. Curse you Summer of ’97!!!

img_3151Here’s my family in the theatre waiting for kare-kare’s graduation to commence. pjdaddy, gavin, looking lazy eyed, graham, madeleine, my niece mariah (she lives with us now)  and garren sitting on mariah’s lap because there were no extra seats and because he has a mad crush on her.

img_3163Here’s our dad pinning  the badge on my sister. Our dad graduated from the Sheriff’s academy at the age of 60.

img_31641I LOVE this picture. Look at the pure, unadulterated joy on her face.

img_3167After she got her badge it was time to get sworn in.

img_3168_1Here’s kare-kare’s son watching his mommy get sworn in. I’m pretty sure he’s flashing gang signs in this photo. She’ll have to keep an eye on him.

img_31821After the graduates were sworn in, we were treated to a slideshow of their time in the academy. Here’s my sis being pepper sprayed. Oh man what I wouldn’t have done to have been given that opportunity when we were younger.

img_32021Here I am weaseling myself into a couple photos with my sis. There’s Graham to my left and if you look real hard you can see pjdaddy behind my dad’s head to the right. Next to my dad is my cousin Jo-Jo. If that’s not how you spell your name Jo-Jo, I’m super sorry.

img_3200I’m proud of you kare-kare. In fact, I even love you, well, >< much anyways.


  1. Congratulations to kare-kare!

  2. Well done, Kare Kare.

    Now slap the cuffs on PJ!

  3. Excellent! Way to go KK.

    Peejay? You may want to cut your neice’s face out of that photo, or be prepared to explain her ‘situation’.

    Don’t tase me.

  4. YAY! Kare-kare!!!!!!!

    How wonderful that your dad was able to pin on your badge. Now, go search the garage for illicit turtles and such!

  5. congrats. I heard a rumor that a certain garage in SD has about 50 children living in it.

  6. Congratulations.

    Eddie, I’m sure the place looks like a drop-house from the outside with all the recent traffic.

    As for Mariah’s “situation”, I imagine it boils down to this: Garren will twist your nuts off if you make a move on his woman. Then again, I think I could hold him off long enough to get a phone number ;)

  7. Congratulations sis of PJM

  8. Thanks everyone! Now the next celebration will be after phase training. Let the stress begin.

  9. You look great in that uniform, Kare-kare.

    (So, if you bust me, I get a break — right?)

  10. Congratulations!

    Okay, so, if any of us gets pulled over in San Diego we now have a “get-out-of-ticket-free” card, right?


  11. pupster- hahaha, when you said “situation” I was thinking oh man, do people think she’s living with me because she’s pregnant? Then I realized, oh yeah, her situation is whether she’s single or not. WICKED!!!! YOU STAY AWAY!!!

    eddiebear- it’s now officially a compound. Thinkin bout callin’ it Waco, whatchu think?

    Will- Garren will absolutely, positively destroy anyone who messes with Mariah. He’ll bite your kneecaps off.

    Michael and abbadon- you guys will only get a break if you hang around the women’s jail. good luck with that. There’s some lookers in there.

  12. Congrats Kare-Kare.

    This is extra neat to me because my own dad graduated from the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Academy about 12 years ago. He teaches out on the range a lot and is one of their head IT people now. He used to do PR for them but he’d rather either be out at the range, or tangled up with a bunch of their servers. Oh and he does a lot of extradition stuff too. So, when I see posts like this, I always get the warm tinglies. I think this is a really neat accomplishment!

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