Christmas Cheer

Come on guys, we’re gonna go Christmas caroling. Won’t that be fun?

Do we get paid for it?

Um, yeah, that’s the Christmas spirit.

We do?

NO!!! How is that spreading holiday cheer if we get paid? We sing outside people’s homes to bring joy to them. We do get cookies and hot chocolate afterwards, however.


pjdaddy with my mom and graham and madeleine. Garren is with, who else? Mariah.


We had a pretty good crowd show up. It’s funny because we went down the same neighborhood my youth group and I used to carol on when I was a teenager. There was less of us back then, so we were able to be towed on a flat bed and sit on bales of straw. Very cool.

There was probably about 100 people there on this night and it was neat to see all the people come out of their homes so they could listen to us sing. One house, that just happened to be my Godparents’, knew we were coming and had hot cider and brownies waiting for us.

img_3137A photo of the crowd with my family

img_3138Here’s everyone scattering because of cars. Bruce, the guy with the guitar is my old youth group leader and one of the kindest souls you’ll ever meet.

We finished and went back to the church social center for cookies and hot chocolate. It was  a lot of fun. I’m hoping  that it’ll be a good memory for my kids and when they’re older maybe they’ll pass on the tradition to their kids.


  1. save me a brownie.

  2. NO bacon and chocolate?


    i blame the LDS (This week, next week the Jooos!>

  3. Hey did I mention I finally saw the movie Zoolander? Tee-hee.

  4. Ah, no fair. Everyone else has all this Christmas Spirit, and I swear Christmas just skipped right past our house this year.

  5. PJM – Thanks for sharing this. It is a wonderful thing and one of the “real” things about Christmas I love.

  6. Thank you for sharing this. I loved Christmas caroling when I was a kid. Maybe next year I’ll do it again.

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful time.

  7. b-rad- I done et them all

    wp- they were bacon wrapped brownies

    kare-kare- you’re evil, I thought you were talking about facial expressions, hahaha

    Therightwife- Trust me, you did NOT want me singing outside you’re casa. Not pretty

    MCPO-It really does get you into the spirit, doesn’t it? One of the other things I enjoy is seeing the bell players do carols. Way cool.

  8. Oh hey auds, I guess I was commenting when you were. It was a wonderful experience and I hope my kids develop wondeful memories from this and future events.

  9. Garren is in looooove. Just look at his face!

  10. Ha ha — and look where his hand is!

  11. hahaha, he’s got it baaad lipstick

  12. PJM – To you, your family and all of your stalkers – Merry Christmas!

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