Christmas Snow In San Diego

What happens when you sneak off to the snow after Mass? You freeze your tushie off because you’re inappropriately dressed. Little kids don’t care about cold and these guys don’t care about the cold.

This is what snow looks like from Shelter Island in Point Loma. However, these are the Cuyamaca Mountains and we went to the Laguna Moutains which are directly behind them.



img_32771Once Gavin figured out how much fun it was to throw snowballs at daddy, it was very difficult to get Gavin to do anything else.

img_3286At four o’clock I shoulder axe and in the afterglow, I link a line of shadowy tracks across the tinted snow………

img_3289Hey! Where’d everybody go? Ooooh, they’re off to make yellow snow.

img_3291Here’s Graham hoping he can roll himself into a giant ball and as he rolls, he gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger till he can wipe out an entire village.

img_3282It’s getting waaay too cold. Time to come home and decorate the tree.YAY!

img_3298The kids decided to make their own decorations because our ornaments were too hard to locate. Graham and Madeleine strung popcorn and Madeleine made lots of ornaments and put ribbon on the tree. Garren and Gavin hung some toys that my Aunt Lee brought from her house for them.

Madeleine made a special note for Santa


Tonight we’ll take our kids to a party and then we’ll  introduce the kids to the, “Midnight Mass”. I loved it when I was a little girl. All the carols sung, the Nativity scene, the joy, the anticipation of Santa coming the next day,  the candles and everyone dressed so beautifully. I realize that’s a shallow reason to love the Mass, but that’s how I remember it as a little girl.

I can’t wait to put them to bed afterwards and listen to them sleep while pjdaddy and I (well mostly pjdaddy) put together Christmas toys, wrap presents, fill stockings and listen to Christmas carols.

Dang! I’m getting excited!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Barenaked Ladies- ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”/ “We Three Kings” Medley Feat. Sarah McLachlan. One of my favorites.


  1. Wonderful!!! This is going to be the best Christmas EVAH!

    Ho! Ho! Ho!

  2. Husband and I keep promising that we will start having holiday traditions next year :) This year I’m just too damn pregnant to give a crap about Santa, or Christmas, or any of it. Bah humbug. But, still, Merry Christmas! :)

  3. Merry Christmas MCPO!!!

    rightwife- enjoy it because this is officially the last year of your life you can bum off Christmas. :) Merry Christmas!

  4. Hey PJM PJDad
    I LOVE you BOTH!

    give each of the 20 heathens and hug and a piece of gay-kin for me

    MERRY Hanukkah and Happy Christmas!

  5. PJ, you’re in town?

    That explains this FRICKEN Cold Weather!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  6. Merry Christmas, PJ!

    I, too, remember the Midnight Masses fondly. Very peaceful and spiritual. Quite a contrast to the materialistic mayhem of the following morning.

    …which I also kind of dig.

  7. Merry Christmas to ALL!
    Love ya, PJ. You’ve certainly brightened my life this year :)

  8. “Couldn’t find the ornaments.” LOL

    For that reason alone, I think they’ll remember this particular Christmas for a long time.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  9. “Who threw the overalls
    In Mrs. Murphy’s chowder?”
    Nobody spoke, so he
    Shouted all the louder.
    “It’s a rotten trick that’s true,
    I can lick the drip that threw
    The overalls in Mrs. Murphy’s chowder.”

  10. The real secret behind midnight mass is that it bores the kids to sleep, making it easier for Santa do get his work done in the wee hours of the morning.

  11. You know, you should update the default timestamp on your blargh to west coast time, now that you’re out of Floriduh.

  12. OK, so let me get this straight: You now live in San Diego, and you are not inviting me to cool stuff like this.

    I think I’m going to have to just show up at your place. Is this how we’re gonna play it?


  13. Your comments last night that ultimately led to your discovery of the term “shart” absolutely cracked me up!

  14. Your kids gave Santa some “cookies and mikk”? I didn’t know Santa liked irishmen…

  15. I know I’m late with this, but Happy New Year! I totally suck at keeping up with things over the holidays.

    Hope you had a great holiday season. Looks like your trip up to the mountains was a HUGE hit with the kids. I bet they would never believe in a million years that all that snow gets real OLD real QUICK! Of course, I live in Maine….under a ton of snow at the moment and having resorted to using my dog to keep my feet warm whilst I sit at the computer. *lol* I totally get where the saying “Three dog night” comes from now.

  16. Love the pictures PA…so pretty!!

    Happy New Year!!

  17. Didn’t there used to be a blog here?

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  18. OII!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeap yeap, when we gonna play? This Saturday for sure?

  19. ok. i want your daughter’s pink coat and hat.

  20. Is this blog dead???

  21. ^no

  22. its time for updated photos…its way better in the garage now….

  23. Nice blog, but why it’s no slowly updated ;-)?

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