Kare-Kare’s Graduation Pics

I’m very proud of my sister. Yesterday was her graduation from the San Diego Sheriff’s academy. I used to think I wanted to follow in her and my dad’s footsteps, but after seeing all that she went through, I’ll pass.  I guess I’m a big wimp after all. Well that and I don’t think I’d pass the background check. Curse you Summer of ’97!!!

img_3151Here’s my family in the theatre waiting for kare-kare’s graduation to commence. pjdaddy, gavin, looking lazy eyed, graham, madeleine, my niece mariah (she lives with us now)  and garren sitting on mariah’s lap because there were no extra seats and because he has a mad crush on her.

img_3163Here’s our dad pinning  the badge on my sister. Our dad graduated from the Sheriff’s academy at the age of 60.

img_31641I LOVE this picture. Look at the pure, unadulterated joy on her face.

img_3167After she got her badge it was time to get sworn in.

img_3168_1Here’s kare-kare’s son watching his mommy get sworn in. I’m pretty sure he’s flashing gang signs in this photo. She’ll have to keep an eye on him.

img_31821After the graduates were sworn in, we were treated to a slideshow of their time in the academy. Here’s my sis being pepper sprayed. Oh man what I wouldn’t have done to have been given that opportunity when we were younger.

img_32021Here I am weaseling myself into a couple photos with my sis. There’s Graham to my left and if you look real hard you can see pjdaddy behind my dad’s head to the right. Next to my dad is my cousin Jo-Jo. If that’s not how you spell your name Jo-Jo, I’m super sorry.

img_3200I’m proud of you kare-kare. In fact, I even love you, well, >< much anyways.

Summer’s Finally Over, My Kids Went Back To School And Tropical Storm Fay Decides To Show Her Bad Self

Monday the clouds open up and sunshine from heaven rained down on me, my kids were going back to school. Tuesday evening we load up in the car to get our school supplies, turn on the radio and hear school’s gonna be closed on Wednesday and Thursday because of a possible hurricane. My kids rejoiced, I wept.

MUTHER EFFER! What the hee haw heck? I cannot win can I?

Last night about 6 or 7 households gathered up in my neighbor’s driveway and we had a “hurricane party”. No, we were not sitting there as the hurricane passed over us,  in fact, it’s not even a hurricane, it’s a tropical storm. We just used the coming storm as an excuse to have a party because no one had to work the next day. Everything’s been shut down.

Vodka and I are not on speaking terms today and there seems to be a run on Advil at the local grocery store.

We just got the electricity back on after 3 and a half hours and have three trees down total (two were from the storms we had a couple days ago). So far we’re doin pretty good and it’s not a hurricane and there’s no flooding at the moment for us,  so we’re lucky…………….and, I must admit, as long as my kids are safe and warm, I’m pretty ok with the fact that they’re home with me.

YAY! My Kids Went Back To School! This Was The Best Day Ever!

Notice how far apart they stand from each other? They’re like magnet ends repelling each other.

Yes my muther effing house is blue! This is not my fault. These same people also chose blue formica countertops in the kitchen. WTF?!?!?!

7:30 am

*thinks about threatening graham with death if he doesn’t smile for photograph, figures he’ll cry and the photo would look bad, decides to ask him to pretend he finally made his hunter in World of Warcraft a level 70. That works

Graham and Madeleine compete for freaking everything. Their biggest deal in the morning is who gets shotgun when pjdaddy drives them to school in the mornings. Last school year I had it written on a calendar who’s turn it was because they always seemed to think it was their turn. First thing said this morning by the kids after an entire summer of not even thinking about it (maybe), “Who’s turn is it to sit up front?” Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

9:00 First day of work in gym daycare

Garren and Gavin having a good ole time with their friends. Gavin’s diaper decided to leak while I’m in the manager’s office watching a training video.

Fast forward 31/2 hours

12:30 pm- Time for Garren’s first day of preschool. He did not want to go and was very unhappy. Leave Garren sulking at his desk.

12:35 Gavin’s sad because everyone’s gone. Both his brothers and his sister are gone. He thought he was going to school too.

Where Gawen?

Garren’s at school.



Man this is going to be a loooong 3 hours. I had these fantasies I was going to get all this laundry and cleaning and meal preparation done in these three hours, but no, Gavin wanted to sit on my lap the entire time because his whole family was gone and he was crushed.  I didn’t know what to do to get some work done. And then it came to me.

Time to get some work done.

Oh did I mention I got this? Yeah, a puppy. I decided my life was getting a little too mellow and I needed to do something about it. Meet our puppy Arwen, doesn’t quite look like Liv Tyler from Lord of the Rings, but she’s the compliment to our Frodo. Shucks, looks like the world is just against me cleaning today. Whatever shall I do? I guess I give up.

Gavin, you wanna go to the libary with mommy?


3:30- Pick Garren up

How was your day at school Garren?

It was great! I want to go here every the day. I got a star!

Did you learn any letters or numbers today?

No thanks, I got a star.

Oooohkay, well at least he’s polite, right?

3:40- arrive to pick up Graham and Madeleine find out I’m the most favoritist parent ever because I was supposed to get them at 3:10.

So how was your first day of school guys?

Graham- So mom, there was this level 59 warrior…………

Graham, I asked you about school, not how World of Warcraft was yesterday.

Graham- Oh it was great, we hardly got any homework.

Well that’s good I guess.

Madeleine- Mom, I got to hang out with a popular girl today!

Well how do you know she was popular?

She told me she was. She told me not to tell anyone because it’s a secret.

*pretty sure I’m not handling this whole thing the right way and realize later maybe I was supposed to tell her that being popular is not what’s important. What’s important is that she’s a nice girl and people will like her because of that, not because of what clothes she wears and who she hangs out with. Man she’s only in first grade having a girl is gonna suck HARD!

Um, ok, but how is she the popular one. Maybe you’re the popular one?

*senses madeleine is getting irritated that I’m not just listening to her so I decide to shut up

Mom, she even talks popular.

*decide to ignore that comment” because I don’t even know what the hell it means. Does she say, “like” and “oh my gawd”? Is that what talking “popular” is?

What’s her name?

I don’t know