oH yEaH bAbY! i GoT tHe StAr! (badge, that is.)

This is PJ’s sis, kare-kare….. it’s been awhile, I know.

Not to toot my own horn again, but……HOOT HOOT!!! I am graduating from the Sheriff’s academy. This was quite a trip. Where do I begin? I have learned so much. I love shooting a firearm  -even the bruises from the shot gun…. (see below)


I met so many nice people, or should I say …future partners? Yes, probably. -I’ve heard once you join…it’s like a family..well once “phase training” is over and you’ve bought your share of doughnuts and starbucks. -I will find my place.

I can honestly say I know a different language….it’s foreign. Not the kind you’re thinking of…you know spanish, french of the sorts…no it’s –  “why are their hands in their pockets?” or “I have a 10-16”  I am already thinking differently. It happens and I embrace it with open arms.

My graduation is in less than 2 days and I am thrilled. For a second I wished I could stay in the academy -that could be my career, right? …I am comfortable. I know what is expected and I do it. I can do the push ups, I can do the runs, I can smile…everyone knows me.

I love this quote by John Maxwell, “If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.”

This. Is. Me.

I did fire training. Fun.


My Dad will give me my badge. My sister is home. I have a “recession proof” career. Life is good!

Ahhhh, A Relaxing Hobby

I figured with all the crazy going on in my life lately, I needed to do something just for me.  I wanted to take a class. A class that didn’t require studying, or tests or term papers.

Something that was relaxing. Something stress free. I got myself the “adult learning” flier from the library to see what I could find. Maybe some sort of knitting or sewing class?

Once back in the day, I got myself the, “Learn to Knit” guide, video included. I got my knitting needles, my yarn and I started the video. They presented the first stitch. I could not do it. I rewound the video and tried again. I could not do it. I rewound the video again….finally after doing this several times, pjdaddy exclaimed, “For the love of God! Give me those needles and I’ll show you the stupid stitch!”

I gave up on the idea of making anything from “Vogue Knitting” and went about my life.


The adult learning center flier said it had crochet classes. I sooo signed up.  I didn’t really know much about crochet, but it had to be similar to knitting, right? I mean they both use yarn and a needle, or two, but this time I’d have a real teacher.

Oh man, this is gonna be great. I’m going to be able to crochet myself some blankets for those long winter nights in north Florida when the avg temperature gets down to like, 44 degrees or something. brrrrrr!

I got my yarn, I got my needles and I fantasized about all the things I was going to make once I learn how to do this stuff. Hurry up first day of class!

First day of class: I walked into the classroom and was horrified. I knew I’d walked into Grandma Hell, when I saw they were all drooling over a crochet magazine that had this: 



Doesn’t matter. Apparently I’m incapable of crocheting. I am not even good enough to make that non-drug induced crocheted straight out of the trailer park flashback .

I can’t do a double stitch. Teacher said it’s because I talk too much. This could be true.  I’ll just have to bring the instructions home and have pjdaddy show me how it’s done.

Seriously though, not a fan of crochet. Knitting- Pretty. Crocheting- Not pretty.

Since I paid for this class, I will finish…….um, and I suppose  I’ll admit it’s still a break from the kids, so, I will not give up! I will learn this thing called crochet and make each and every one of you the following for Christmas.


What? You know you want it.

2 girls 1 blog (we’re sisters silly, what were you thinking?)

I’ve never properly introduced myself, I am karekare, PJM’s lil’ sister. On occasion I will be posting here…like this, or this this, and..oh yeah that one, but not this one (that was PJM’s). I hope this clears any confusion.

It’s kind of her to give me the keys to her blog, hope she doesn’t regret it.

Me and my sis…enjoy. (that is our brother in the background)

Halloween, what were you anyways PJM? (she is wearing orange) I was an angel but as the day wore on, my costume fell apart.

We never did hear back from the modeling agency.

And when I look at this one I always seem to hear this sound or maybe more like this. There are a total of four kids -but because of my V.T.B. (very tall bangs) there was no more room in the studio for our oldest brother.

I will be in lock down for the next four months, due to the sheriff’s academy. I will try my best to sneak back in, if not see you in 2009!

Bike ride anyone?

This Friday I am planning on participating in Critical Mass. Not sure which role I will play -Rider or Spectator but either way it will be a fun experience.

I love stuff like this but to be smart, I will be extremely reserved…..I imagine the Sheriff’s academy would frown upon arrested recruits.

Interested? See if Critical Mass events take place in your town. Ride on!

If My Kids Wanted An Organized Mother They Should Have Thought Of That Before They Were Born

My kids, like any other kid need to be exercised, pretty much like a pet does. They got ripped off the first part of summer because of my surgery. It’s only lately that I’ve been taking them to the local pool.

This local pool is actually about 40 min away because it’s the only one with a baby pool and this way I don’t have to get in the pool with Gavin. I have dissolvable stitches and told the kids my stomach would flop open and my guts would fall out if they got wet. What? It could be true, I don’t know.

I feel really bad for the kids being so bored. It just didn’t dawn on me that I would be incapacitated for so dang long, so I didn’t plan ahead for things to keep them busy. I have a couple girlfriends who enroll their kid in every single vacation bible school they can find regardless of religious affiliation. It’s free and they take your kids all day. I can’t bring myself to do that. We’ll see by the end of summer how crazy they’re driving me. I might be tempted to take them to live in a hippie commune by then.

Anyhoo, it took me a while to get motivated to take them yesterday. The pool’s open from 1-6 and we got there about 3. I had to stop and get a hat because it’s hotter than a mofo out there and I don’t need any more freckles. I also got the kids Chik-fil-A kids meals because I had a free coupon. There’s no way I could afford 4 kids’ meals without that coupon.

And this is how the day at the pool went.

arrive, lifeguard kindly brings me a chair so I can sit by the baby pool.

puts sunscreen on kids, sets up beach towels, makes sure everyone has their drinking water and puts their shoes over by me. puts swim pants on Gavin and sets everyone loose

kids hop into the pool.

lifeguard immediately blows whistle and says, “Alright, everybody out of the pool. Break time.”

15 minutes later lifeguard blows the whistle signaling free swim

everybody gets back in the pool

hour later lifeguard blows whistle break time

15 minutes later lifeguard blows the whistle signaling free swim

1 minute later the lifeguard blows the whistle

“Everybody out of the pool, lightning.”

I can’t wait till we can go to the beach.


I guess I AM a good liar!

I passed, I passed! I was extremely nervous about this test today, not because I have anything to hide, but more of the “unknown”. (i love how the guy getting tested is smoking)

My test was not a polygraph but CVSA (voice analyzer test). I did fail on a couple questions, the one that surprised me and the Detective was this..

Detective: Have you ever raped or forced someone to do sexual deviant acts.

Me: No

Machine: FAIL!!!!!

Wow!? Who knew? Certainly not me, nor my husband! Then the Detective proceeded to slide me his business card complete with hours he’s available 24/7 (kidding). I did retest on a couple questions and I passed. I’ve often wondered the accuracy of these tests…I read somewhere it’s a weird percentage of only 36 %, go figure?

I don’t care, you want to know why?….I PASSED! Whore-ray for me! -more to come.

Yeah, yeah she’s fine. Let’s talk about me.

Kare-kare here…Just wanted to toot my horn! I took my P.A.T. (physical agility test) yesterday and passed. Toot toot! This was my second time, so there was some added pressure. I nearly doubled my score from the last time. My running is much better. It’s getting close, the academy starts in July….I can’t wait! One day I will get paid to taze.

[UPDATE] pajama momma

Here’s a photo of my sister Kare-kare and our pops. She’s following in our dad’s footsteps. What a freaking kiss ass.

No One’s Gonna Tell Me What To Do

I wound up staying at my parents house this past week while all the funerally stuff for Danny was going on and for some reason I became the child to my mother again. “Did you make your bed yet?” No. “Did you make your bed yet?” No. “You need to make your bed.”  Would my mother ask a real guest if they’d made their bed? Not on your life. Course a real guest prolly would have made their bed. Stupid brown nosers.

“Man I sure could use a beer Mom.  I’m gonna put some Coronas in the fridge.”

Mom: No, we don’t “let” our guests have more than two beers.

Me: What? What do you mean you don’t “let” your guests have more than two beers?

Mom: Nope, I pour our guests their beer and then another one and it doesn’t even dawn on me to pour them anymore. That stuff gets expensive. And you’ve already had over your alloted amount. (I’d had one and a half beers, 3 hours earlier)

This is when I show my true grown-upness. I show that I can stand on my own two feet and will not have anyone tell me what I can and cannot do. I’m 35 years old. I’m a mother of four. I am  woman hear me roar.

Me: Yeah? Well your perfume stinks!

Oh man, I’m good. I should have been a lawyer.

*sneaks more corona after mom leaves

Heading Out Of Town

won’t be any new posts until next week.

pjmomma’s sick

that’s why I haven’t posted anything this week. lo siento mucho

UPDATE: The verdict is in, me and the kids all have strep throat……..niiiiiiiiiiiice