Kare-Kare’s Graduation Pics

I’m very proud of my sister. Yesterday was her graduation from the San Diego Sheriff’s academy. I used to think I wanted to follow in her and my dad’s footsteps, but after seeing all that she went through, I’ll pass.  I guess I’m a big wimp after all. Well that and I don’t think I’d pass the background check. Curse you Summer of ’97!!!

img_3151Here’s my family in the theatre waiting for kare-kare’s graduation to commence. pjdaddy, gavin, looking lazy eyed, graham, madeleine, my niece mariah (she lives with us now)  and garren sitting on mariah’s lap because there were no extra seats and because he has a mad crush on her.

img_3163Here’s our dad pinning  the badge on my sister. Our dad graduated from the Sheriff’s academy at the age of 60.

img_31641I LOVE this picture. Look at the pure, unadulterated joy on her face.

img_3167After she got her badge it was time to get sworn in.

img_3168_1Here’s kare-kare’s son watching his mommy get sworn in. I’m pretty sure he’s flashing gang signs in this photo. She’ll have to keep an eye on him.

img_31821After the graduates were sworn in, we were treated to a slideshow of their time in the academy. Here’s my sis being pepper sprayed. Oh man what I wouldn’t have done to have been given that opportunity when we were younger.

img_32021Here I am weaseling myself into a couple photos with my sis. There’s Graham to my left and if you look real hard you can see pjdaddy behind my dad’s head to the right. Next to my dad is my cousin Jo-Jo. If that’s not how you spell your name Jo-Jo, I’m super sorry.

img_3200I’m proud of you kare-kare. In fact, I even love you, well, >< much anyways.

Cute Overload Warning

I don’t follow the panda stories whenever they’re on the news, not sure what the huge fascination with them is, if I’m gonna waste my time it’s on awfulplasticsurgery.com. That web-site is where my warped interests lie.

However, my friend wiserbud sent me these pictures and the mom in me just melted. I cannot express to you how flippin adorable these little babies are. If I didn’t think they’d slice me in two with their claws if I got near them, I would bite their thighs like I do my 2 year old’s.

You’d think I’d put the cutest one up first to make you really want to stay and see more, but that’s not how I roll. I’m cool like that. Well, that and I’m too lazy to take the pictures out of numerical order and then remember what number it was and then go throught the effort to make sure I don’t accidentally repost it again because I wasn’t paying attention. And in addition, I would be all itchy and uncomfortable because they were out of numerical order, you know, stuff like that. Continue reading

Best Purchase Ever

So pjdaddy’s work had a booth at the local home show back in March. Home shows are evil because they make pjmomma want to spend lots of money.

Anyhoo, there was a booth there that had the Vita-mix. I love this blender. My mom had one of these when I was a teenager and they made the best fruit smoothie/protein shakes ever. Hers is the old school style.These things can liquefy anything. With the amount of ice I used to put in my protein shakes (now I just use frozen fruit) I would wear down the motor on regular blenders in about 6 months. I’m 35 now and this puppy still works. Can you even comprehend how many margaritas this thing has made?

My kids, pjdaddy and I decided to watch the demonstration they had going on. This woman rocked. You know she made everything look so easy. Lucky for me I’m old enough now to know I will be incapable of doing what she did with that blender, just like I know my hair will never look as good as it does the very day I come home from the hairdresser. It’s like some sort of rule, or law, or something.

But when that woman made a fruit sorbet and included cabbage in the mix and my kids actually freaking ate it, I knew right then I had to have that blender. I promised pjdaddy that there’d be fancy dinners every night for us and I just knew that I could sneak fruit and veggies into the kids’ diets without even one single death threat. He relented. Sucker.

I got that puppy home and bought all sorts of ingredients for all these soups and sauces and even the ingredients for ice cream. It is able to pulverize fruits and veggies so thoroughly that you can drink them as a juice. Which is better than a juicer because they remover the fiber. I’ve been able to make the best fruit smoothies. You know how on most blenders if you put a load in it that’s too hard to handle the motor will struggle determined to move the blade, but it won’t obey? I have been able to load the vitamix to the top with frozen, bulky items and it has no problem moving. It’s tamper really helps with that because it’s designed to be just long enough to get the food moving, but just short enough that it doesn’t hit the blades which, always freaked me out when I’d stick a knife in a standard blender to try to get stuff moving.

Oh I’ve made so many healthy soups with that thing. Sometimes healthy tastes like ass, other times healthy tastes good when you add cheddar cheese. I will confess not too many fancy dinners ever materialized as a result of the vitamix. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t consider soup a fancy dinner. Let me just tell you though, I’ve made a serious amount of ice cream with that thing. Hands down, chocolate ice cream is the best.

I would have blogged about this awesome, awesome blender sooner, but my mom reads this blog and I didn’t want her to know I spent such a disgusting amount of money on a blender. I hid it when she came to help me with my tummy tuck, but I got caught when the kids wanted her to make some ice cream. I know I still owe you that money mom, uh, checks in the mail?

Oh and one other thing I bought at the show that really, really kicks bootie are these microfiber cleaning cloths.They clean anything and everything and they do it well. I use them to clean the kitchen and bathroom counters, the stoves, the floor (they have a swiffer type hook up dealie for that and one to clean ceiling fans) the appliaces and my walls, not sure if you can imagine the amount of dirt damage four kids can do to a house, but the amount of handprints and footprints is insane.

Oh I Am Sooo Not Happy With WordPress’ New Dashboard

What the eff?

I liked it the way it was. Was this supposed to be an improvement? Oh this redesign is the Windows Vista of the blog world. I do not like that my videos do not show up on the post and that you have to click on a link to see them.  Not cool. 

 When I click on the dashboard everything is a jumbled mess, it’s visual vomit. I do not like that when I click on manage posts there’s no “edit this post” button. Isn’t that what manage means? I’m certain there’s more stuff that will irritate me. I just haven’t gotten to them yet.  grrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Ok, now that I know I can embed videos still, I’m happy, well happier. It’s still visual vomit to me.

[UPDATE] I’m fully aware that WordPress is free. I’d also like to thank WordPress for allowing me to have this post up so that we can air our grievances about the changes wordpress has made. Just because it’s free does not mean I cannot have an opinion. :) Having said that, WordPress is still better than other blogging programs like “Blogger”

Anyone know where spellcheck is?

What To Do If You Catch Your Son Spanking His Monkey

Thanks to Abbadon’s parents for the home movie.

As Mortifying As It Is, I’m Posting My Fat Photo

No, I’m not posting it for you chubby chasers out there, I’m posting it so people can see what I’m up against and that I really do have to lose weight. I have the goal of having a hard body by the end of March *cough* (early May) and I will do this. Having this blog has really helped me stick to it. I didn’t have a scale when I started The Warrior Diet, but I’d say I’ve lost at least 12 lbs. this past month and since this picture was taken.

When I post my after pictures I don’t want to spoil it with my before photos, so I figure if I post my chunky monkey picture now, it will give people enough time to get over the shock and horror of what they saw.

Photo below the fold.

Continue reading

My Hairdresser Said To Wash My Hair Only Once A Week

My sister and I share the same hairdresser and we were both given this advice. Our hairdresser is pricey and we were tired of our hair color fading so quickly. Since Tammy is the best hair dresser evah, we obeyed.

Day 1: Hair still fine, put product in, looks great.

Day 2: Showered,  avoid getting water on hair. Put more product in. Showing signs of limpness?

Day 3: Pillow case looking dingy. Are those zits on my face?

Day 4: Talk to sister on phone, not liking hair plan either. Hair disgustingly greasy and scalp itching.

Day 5: Changing pillow case daily now. Went to grocery store and was handed sack lunch and some cash.

 Day 6: Sister calls hairdresser to ask WTF?

Hair dresser gently explains hair can be wet everyday to rinse product out and can be conditioned when necessary.

Oh, ooops.