The Littlest Health Guru

As most of you know, my family has ALWAYS been fascinated with alternative medicine and holistic health.We were quite poor and in the hopes of avoiding a costly doctor’s appt, my mom got the book, “back to eden”. This book is stuffed full of herbal medicinal recipes.

While I was choking down the slippery elm bark/golden seal/myrrh gum concoctions in the hopes of avoiding a penicillin shot to the butt, the neighbor girl was bragging about the bubble gum, or cherry, or grape flavored medicine she had and I invariably wound up nursing a sore buttock.

Somehow, when I got all growed up, I continued to have an interest in holistic health. I don’t put my kids thru the same concoctions, but when I lived in Florida, I was fortunate enough to find a pediatrician that was also a holistic health practitioner. She prescribed pharmaceuticals as a last resort.

Anyhoo, my dad has always been more into the holistic scene than my mother and has recently started a new kick. Now that we’re back in California and living with my parents I don’t have access to that kind of doctor with my HMO, I do, however, get to enjoy the benefits of my dad’s countless hours on the ‘net researching which stuff is best.

He and I were discussing various supplements yesterday and where we could acquire them when Gavin, my 3 year old decided to add to the discussion:

Gavin: You need to go to the doctor for those.

me: Oh you do?

Gavin: Yes, I read about it years ago.

gavin fair1

gavin at the home and garden show at the san diego county fair


  1. The young Padawan has an old soul. . . and many midicholians.

  2. thanks for the courtesy comment mcpo. :)

    *googles midicholians

  3. In ur tummezz.

    Readin thru ur navelz.

  4. Also, hi. I’ve seen you post on AoS from time to time.

    I actually came to your blog, though, from InnocentBystanders. I went there because I wanted to see his updated unemployment graph. And then I started nosing around on his blog. And found a post bringing me here, promising cleavage.

    Blog did not deliver.

    Yet I still post, because despite the fact that I love my job, and love my paycheck, I’ve had one of the most unmotivational afternoons in quite some time.

    Keep up the good work, PJM!


      Any and all cleavage coupons given out at IB will not be honored. They don’t pay me enough.

  5. PJM – Did you find the answer??

    • I did, but I’m not gonna tell you cuz I don’t want you to know.

  6. Yeah, PJM, you’re back!

    Gavin, you little smarty pants. I have a child that is much smarter than me, is Gavin the same (I know he’s smarter than me, is he smarter than you)?

  7. How nice. A post every six months whether you have something to say or not.

  8. oh listen to you b-rad. When I’m not homeless anymore, I’ll have my mojo back. I just KNOW it!!

    speaking of that, we’re moving into a house next week

    *totally ignores b-rad’s insult

  9. I wonder if we end up getting a “public option” when it comes to health care if we might also move towards a more holistic/alternative treatment approach. Better to take care of yourself beforehand than having the doctors taking care of you after the fact.

  10. too funny

  11. Good blog and good topic. I like pictures.

  12. Worst blog ever.

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