After Watching This Video, I Don’t Think I Can Ever Eat Another Vegetable Again

Warrior Diet be damned. This is just inhumane. I’m just going to have to put an extra shot of vodka in my bloody marys now to assuage my guilt.

Stolen from a comment thread on Ace’s



  1. That calls for a steak. And a baked potato.

  2. mmmmmmmmmmm,
    Bloody Marys. I am on #3 right now!

  3. Vodka and carrot juice for everyone!

  4. Bloody Marys. I am on #3 right now!

    I only got one today. I feel cheated.

  5. No booze since Friday. . .and you feel cheated?!

  6. I only got one today. I feel cheated.

    My last one was over 19 years ago. you got no right to bitch, babe.

  7. Since Friday? What’s wrong with you? That’s not ok. You need help. You’re not alone.

  8. I wasn’t legally allowed to drink 19 years ago.

  9. PJM – Stomach bug. Think I’m over it now. Played 18 today and played well.

  10. Well I’m glad you’re better. I’d hate to think you wouldn’t have been able to play golf today.

    I took golf in college. To pass the class we were required to go to a real course and play 18 holes.

    Well we girls were not able to hit the balls as far as the boys. We had this girl from Japan in our class who could really hit a ball. POW!

    So we were all told that she would always hit first and wherever her ball landed, we had to move ours there. (this sped up the game like you wouldnt’ believe)

    So everything was all fine and dandy until this man hit his ball in our area. I didn’t know it was his freaking ball. hell. he wasn’t even going the same direction as us and was on the wrong fairway. (I think that’s what it’s called, it’s been a while)

    I thought it was my ball that I had to move, so I picked it up. Well that pissed that guy off. He started screaming at me to drop the ball, so I did. Well apparently I dropped it in the wrong spot, so he started yelling at me for dropping it in the wrong spot.

    At that point I was like, screw you jerk. So I kicked his ball. (golfball, not the ones I wanted to kick however) That ball went so, so far away.

  11. There are a few jerks to be found everywhere. Ours is a quite amiable group. . . cigars, beers and not too, too worried about the golf. It’s really more about the fellowship. One of the guys is a, medically retired, Army E-3. He only has one eye that works (got shot in the head). Without depth perception he still plays well – amazing.

  12. I wasn’t legally allowed to drink 19 years ago.

    I bet you weren’t legally allowed to do other things either but I’d lay odds you did them…


  13. Fruitarians are REAL? I thought it was a joke when I saw it discussed on that timeless classic “Notting Hill”…

    Some people are just…scary. Aside from all y’all.

  14. Yep…I’m link impaired…

  15. Ha! Must keep that ammo away from children …

  16. mommypie, I cannot for the life of me understand why every comment you make goes into the spambox

  17. mommypie! Off to the spambox with you! (Shouted like the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland)

  18. […] 7, 2008 by cranky Pajama Momma says she wants some lesbosuction.  Kinda of sounds […]

  19. Bitchface,

    Since you weren’t supportive with the “Lou” name game, I’ve found your new name:



    This is the funnest game EVER!!!!!

    I LOVE playing with you.

  22. Drunk bastard

  23. No, sober bastard.

  24. bastard

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